Update on Vivid Sound

Our manager swiftly contacted the "dude" and used big words and legal jargon, and this was his response....

"We deeply and sincerely apologize. We did not intend to infringe in any way
whatsoever. The photos were merely placeholders until we prepared our
photos. They were in order to achieve a preview of the final product. In
fact, we are still adding and changing things. In fact, many of the people
working with us are fans of Jon and that is why his image was used, quite
randomly, actually. Fans of Relient K (and his work with Audio A) are
definitely among our friends and partners. We don't really intend for the
site to go public just yet. For those who have inquired, we bring to their
attention that these artists are not affiliated with us. We have removed the
image, as requested. Once again, we apologize and wish nothing but the best
for you and yours. May peace be with you.


Ps... buy a fender