Bored, But Back in the USA!!!

Well, we went to Canada, and did some shows.... its always a treat to go there, because we dont get up that way very often. We went to Montreal, and the Ronto... thats what i call it, the Ronto (see unquotable quotes from the RK widget). If my cell phone worked, and the money was the same, I would love Canada, but the kids make the hassle worth the effort... but anyways, had some free time, so i made a Jim Lee-esque sketch of the ole man of steel (i am in no way comparing my talent to jim lee, it just looks like a drawing of his)... But were back in the USSR, i mean USA, and were finishing up the last half of the first leg of the rkmaesherwood trio of rock. I won 35 bucks tonight off of 2.25 in a casino, yippee.... okay, this blog got boring like 10 minutes ago, because its 230 in the morning... alright, goodnight.