Fade in, Fade out...

In more news that no one cares about... i just got a sweet fade, so i guess i have joined the cool kids club of having short hair...

why do i look so mad in that picture? My wife and i just got in a fight... she CLAIMS that bruce wayne and clark kent are fictional characters... women...



Here it is...


"The best thing" video.



six flags

Well... you have to take this post with a grain of salt, because anything i say may or may not be made up due to hallucinations caused by over exposure to bus "smell." boy was i on the bus a long time this weekend... i think around 48 hours of my life has been wasted. we went from nashville, to ohio, to the mass/connecticut border, which is like 1200 miles or something crazy, played a 30 min show, and turned around and came back. you may think that i am complaining about the life that i lead, which i am not, but this was the proverbial thorn in my side trip. on the other hand, it was one of the best theme park experiences of my life! ill start from the beginning... we rode up to the show for like a thousand hours, then we played the show, which was with katharine mcphee from idolonfox.com, and dashboard confessional.... the show was alright, there were like 8 kids that knew one other song than be my escape, but it was great to play for them, and introduce some kids to our stuff.... katharine mcphee played, and her backing tracks started skipping after the 4th song, so she had to quit... it was funny.... then dashboard played and they sounded really good... chris can really hit "that" note.... the high one i mean. anyways, after all the boring show stuff was done, we got to the good part. Dashboard's camp somehow arranged to keep the park open after everyone had left, and we basically had the park to ourselves... it was amazing. there was 17 of us that went around to every ride, and rode til our hearts were content. we rode the sweet "hero" rides like batman and superman, and we even got to ride them twice without getting out of our seats.... very cool... at one point i was sitting next to chris carabba and he asked me if i was ready to die, and we came to the agreement that we both would be okay if the ricketty fair type spinny thing collapsed on us... looking back, i was not ready, but the question was sprung so quickly... sorry for lying... then hoopes, joshy, and myself finshed off the night with that thing that looks like the st louis arch and it pulls you back and swings you down and back and forth a few times... you know what i mean? anyways, it was cool... we had a great time. the bands that i met were some of the nicest people i have ever met in the music biz. thanks for everyone that came out, and hope to see you at our next radio event. peathout.



Some people say it looks like me... I dont see it.

This is the first sketch that i have colored all by myself... I just got photoshop cs3, and a wacom intuos3 6x8 tablet and decided to try my hand at coloring.... i think its decent for my first attempt, but its obviously not perfect.... well, that is all, i just wanted to share.

Also, I attached the original sketch just for kicks... i know sometimes i like to see how they started out.

On another note... we are playing a radio show with dashboard, and former american idol runner up katherine mcphee on monday... should be interesting. I'll give everyone the scoop when i get back. see ya!



oooh, name one after me next...

This may be one of the funniest things i have seen in a long time...




Elisha and friends at HOB in Orlando...

A fan sketch of Merle the Squirrel from Abby :)

i lied about that being all the pics. These are some from atlanta, courtesy of my pal april k... thanks!


Im not sure her name, but she came out in DC and was awesome...

Shae from ft. lauderdale...

Me handing out picks from the stage...

Karissa (an old pal) and her new hubby Mark, unscathed from Charlotte...

Hannah from Charlotte....

Me from somewhere...

Alexis from the freebird in Jacksonville...

sorry it took so long guys... i was hoping i would get some more pics in from the last few shows, but alas i did not... so here are the remaining ones i have..... see you guys this summer!



Blog wars...

hey guys... im going to ask you guys a favor, and that is, if you read my blog about the dude who doesnt agree with our band, and have been posting on his blog... im gonna ask you guys to try to let this play itself out... i have gotten tons of emails from people about this, and its just a rediculous situation. i did my best to put an end to it over there, but it keeps on going... im not mad at anyone, i am thankful that so many people support our band... its just obvious that we disagree and its just a punching contest... i have a few friends that have said their replies didnt post, and one of mine has been removed, so i assmue he is putting his spin on the replies anyways... thanks for your support... there are people who dont agree with us... its not the end of the world... he isnt the first and wont be the last... as long as i feel that i am doing what i should be doing, im gonna keep on keepin on... thanks for your support, and for understanding.



Home sweet home...

Well, the last show in atlanta was awesome. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out (especially april k all the way from minnesota!). we had such a great time. this was the first time we sold out the tabernacle, and the kids were awesome! thanks to everyone for making this such a great tour. Thanks to sherwood, and mae for being so awesome and hanging with us for 3 months! Cant wait to see you guys this summer and fall. hope you will all come back out! Stay tuned for one last wsrkmsw mega picture post. see you guys soon!



Blah blah blog

I changed my mind. I feel like I do need to voice my opinion about these types of situations, because I get emails pertaining to this subject matter daily, and I usually don’t know what to say… sometimes I sit and ponder over a clever response but end up simply saying something short, and moving on. This isn’t really a response directly to this blog, but its my response to life in general.

On the argument of “Christian” bands playing in “secular” venues….

Well, there was an argument that at one of the clubs we played, there was some sort of S&M show there. Obviously, we cant know everything that goes on at every place we play… but unless we play exclusively churches, this argument will never die. What if we played only theatres, and then they had a broadway show that was racy, or only vfw halls, and they had a beer drinking contest or heaven forbid, line dancing there… there would be something at one of those places that someone didn’t agree with and would have a problem with it. As far as, by us playing this venue we are supporting events like the S&M show… that’s like saying if you go to the movies, and even by chance you are going to see kirk camerons left behind movie, a “Christian” movie, that you are then sponsoring every r rated sex nudie movie that comes through that theatre. Is that the case? If I buy something at a retailer that was made by someone in a sweatshop, am I supporting sweatshops? If the newsboys play an arena where kiss played the night before, are they all of a sudden part of the kiss army? That argument can go on forever… instead of embracing the possibility of possibly bringing any sort of positive natured fun show to this sort of place… we do the typical Christian boycott and just say what we think is wrong and how we should keep our kids away. With that being said, I don’t think that parents should drop off their 12 year old kids in a seedy part of town at a bar and come back to pick them in 4 hours… but wouldn’t it be awesome if the parent and kids actually had some sort of discussion, and maybe had a chaperone, or maybe this one even sparked a discussion between a family that could possibly promote healthy communication in a household? Im not saying that this happens, but its sure possible.

I am a little tired of the people that say because we don’t have the word jesus in every song, (who is mentioned on our current record) that we are dancing around the issue, and ashamed of our faith. Just like I have no right to convict you on what you say youre called to do, no one has the right to judge me, or my band, and especially people that have never even met us. I think its amazing all the generalizations that one can come up with, about me, just by looking at a building where we played a show. I know that not everyone will always agree with everything we do, but at least have the decency to ask us about it… my email and aim screename are very public… and I have never ever dodged a question from a concerned parent.

I know that I probably shouldn’t have responded to this, and let it roll off my shoulders… and am wondering why I feel like I need to justify myself to people that don’t even know me… Im sure I will make some people mad, maybe even my own band mates for taking a stance on this, im not sure… im not trying to turn this into a blog fight and have anyone passive aggressively take sides…I just feel like we are so often misrepresented by people who don’t know us… and this time I decided to make a point.

Heres my real question… what is wrong with five guys, who happen to be Christians, playing a show in a rock club?


one more for the road...

i know i said i wasnt going to post anything else, but i came across this blog, by a pastor in charlotte who is upset that we played a venue that was unchristian, in his opinion. he mentions things that go on there, that we are obviously unaware of, and wonders how we can draw kids to such an ungodly environment. i am going to stay out of this one... everyone is entitled to their opinions, which is the beauty of america's free speech, which i strongly support, and i couldnt say anything that some non biased bloggers already posted.... i just thought that his views, and the responses were very interesting... i have read them all... and pastor dan, feel free to contact me if you want to talk to the source, instead of not going to the source, or something.... anyways... enjoy, i did.



The End is NEAR!!!! uhh, i mean HERE.

As of right now, it is officially the last day of this tour. We are playing in atlanta later today to conclude the "wanna see relient k, mae? sherwood!" tour. First off, i want to say thanks for everyone who came out to see us play on this tour. We had such a great time spending those 75 minutes with you each and every night. I hope that you know i am being sincere. even on a bad night, we enjoy every second of it. Keep an eye glued to our tour page on the web site to see what we are doing later this year. I of course, already know, but i cant say anything, or id have to kill you... then you couldnt come see us. I will probably take a little break from the blog for now... Thanks to everyone who reads this every day... its so cool that i can voice a bit of my life with you guys on the web. Ill probably post a mega picture post after tomorrows show, then take at least a week off to relax at home with my wife and dogs. As far as my big announcement.... WEELLLLLLLL... I had such high hopes for this, but it didnt quite pan out the way i had hoped. I was planning a side project that may or may not have been a joke, with Ethan Luck who has been on the road with us this summer. We had such big plans to record some songs that we had worked up, but we never got to do them.... so, unfortunately, i may have had some people worried for a sort of joke that never really came to fruition. And for that, i am kinda but not really sorry. :) I do appreciate all the emails that i got from people concerned that i was quitting. I must say, some of you had some crazy ideas about what you were sure i was going to be doing! Anyways... thanks again for a great tour, and i hope to see you guys this summer, and eventually this fall, when we are touring with................... not yet! you will learn soon enough. see you guys later!




Im signing on to my much neglected AIM if anyone happens to be viewing this at 1 in the morning and feels like saying hey, haha... if so, ill see ya there.

docegonspengler AIM



Sorry about that...

The answer is no, it has nothin at all to do with that picture... didn't mean to goof anyways. See ya!



If the drawling is rockin, dont come a knockin...

More of the sweet dude playing sweet guitar sketches that i will probably never finish. I was just bored so i drew it and realized i hadnt posted any art on here lately... enjoy...

speaking of... i hope to be able to announce my very important news soon. It has nothing to do with this drawing though...
or does it....?



Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day, to my mother. I love you very much. Here is a video that goes out to my mother, as well as all mothers. enjoy.


They Done Did It....

Well, in perfect LOST fashion, the writers have once again disproved a pretty good theory on the show. It seems like every time someone is close to figuring this show out, they throw in a kink in the brain chain. That is what I love and have always loved about this show though... Spoiler alert, too late youve already seen it.... Attached is a picture of Jacob, thanks to aisian dave... He is either Kris Kristofferson, or a dude that looks like Jacks dad... I think He is some sort of deity, and the reason the "others" needed ben was because he could talk to him. Now that locke has said he can hear him, Ben got mad that hes not the only one, and shot him... I think the people are of some sort of slow aging civilization that has to do with that giant foot that we saw last year... who the heck knows. stay tuned to find out, i guess....



Bamboozle Reviewed...

Sorry for the delay.... here is what i took away from bamboozle...

I woke up early on Sunday because we played early in the day. I got up around noonish and i think we ended up playing around 1:45. As far as our show goes... I think we played pretty well... we had a few technical difficulties but our amazing crew sorted things out quickly and got us geared up for the show. The kids that were there were rowdy. It was hard to tell how many of the kids there had actually heard of us, and how many were just there waiting for the next band. The crowd was large though, and i saw several people singing to the non "singles." We did the show and it was cool... Thanks to everyone who watched us there. After the show, dave, hoopes, and i went to do an interview with purevolume.com while matt and john did stevens untitled rock show... I didnt get a chance to check out too many shows, but i will gladly give my two cents on the ones i did catch. First off, i did catch the Yellowcard show. I have a different view of yellowcard than most people do, because i never heard their first record until after the second record came out.... I had only heard the single. So with that in mind, i like the second record a lot better than the first one, so when they played a lot of tunes off of the sophmore disc, it was really cool. i saw them not too long ago in LA at a headline show, and they were great. They did just as well at bamboozle... the band sounded well rehearsed and dude sang right on pitch, and their energy was great. Very cool show. Thrice was another show that i saw for a few tunes. They sounded really good too. No real criticisms as far as performance goes... cool set. After that I got some dinner and headed to the bus just as RJA was finishing up... i did catch some of the taking back sunday set... i dont know if they would consider this a hometown show or not, but it was close enough that it seemed like they were partying with their homeys all day, because they seemed well partied by the time they took the stage.... its always hard to judge a band on a festival performance, but if i had to judge them solely on thie show, i would give them a "ish dont think so.... " ill try to check them out on a normal show before i count them out for the live show. As for the headliners of the night.... I watched the entire Wierd Al show, and it was AMAZING... talk about an experiece... i would love to see this show on a tour with full production, becuase at the festival level, he was great. his band was awesome, and his costumes and songs were right on... The "Al TV" commentary between songs was priceless... i definitely recommend this show! Linkin Park closed out the night.... Dont hate me, but i am a fan of this band.... they have been upgraded from guilty pleasure to fav.... Their live show was super spot on, and the production was out of control... Chester and Mike got the crowd super involved, and it was cool to see kids from all walks singing along to EVERY word of EVERY song they played... Thats all i have for now... sorry it was legnthy, and i am not going back to check for typos because it was so long, so please forgive me.... thanks for reading and stay tuned.... see youz.



Update on LOST

It would appear that the writers of the ABC show LOST have decided now is a good time to start thinking towards the end. I am pretty excited about this... Now that they know when the end will be, they can start writing for it. Here is a link with all the details. Thanks for the heads up, Jeff.




Luck of the K

Last night in Albany NY, I had the pleasure of meeting two guys that flew all the way from IRELAND to see the show! Yes, apparently their sister, who has lived stateside for several years, and is the mom of an RK fan has been sending them our records and they really wanted to see a show. I'm not sure how many miles that it is from Ireland to NY, but I know its far! Just wanted to say thanks for coming all that way, and it was rad to meet you guys. Safe travels to you both. Attached are pics of the actual Irish dudes!!! Also their U.S. family members.

Stay tuned for my Bamboozle review!

Also stay tuned for a HUGE announcement involving me, and my future!



New RK tour journals ready to be read. Enjoy.

Check them out on the link in the sidebar!



Wild World of Jon...

Hello... I havent been here in a while to post anything new, but I have some news to announce. There have been some recent events that have caused me to make some major life changing decisions... I can't disclose too much information right now, but I know some of you will be dissapointed, but some wont... Please stay tuned in the next couple of days and I will let everyone in on what is going on. It is my creative side that is pulling me to make these decisions, and I have some opportunities that have come along that I can't pass up. I really can't say anything else about this right now, but I will let everyone in on this very soon. Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.



emales and efemales...

i have a lot of unanswered emails to attend to, and i will do so shortly... just didnt want anyone to think i am deleting them... sorry for the delay.