Bombard the Imposter

Hey, if any of you guys have a "Bebo" account, go to this site http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=4484630484 and post that the account is fake... someone was bored and decided to cross the line into creepy fandom and made a fake profile of me with the names of my wife and dogs... boo.... anyways, if anyone knows who it was, it would be rad if it was deleted... there a fake one for each RK member. awesome.



Rocket for your Pocket

I will be at rocketown monday and tuesday from 9-12 for rocketowns summer sessions teaching guitar lessons to some awesomely awesome people. i actually dont know who will be there, but im sure if they are doing rocketowns summer sessions that they are awesome. anyways, if any of you guys are attending, i will see you there.


Up and up buddies

I got an email from my friend Susan and she made some really nice looking icons with lyrics from Up and Up on them, so i thought i would share them with the world (and by world i mean the 12 people that read my blog). Enjoy them please.



Curious Gorge

Wellll.... I was going to wait until some friends sent me some pics from the gorge (creation west) to post a blog about it, but i feel like if i dont get blogging, i will just forget to post about it at all. Well, the trip was long (3 days for 1 show) but it was worth it. I know ive said it before, but the gorge really is one of the most beautiful places in the US. If you have never been, check the upcoming shows and make a trip out of it. you will not be dissapointed. The day was rad, i hung out at the PRS booth a lot during the day and met a lot of really cool people. It was cool to see some friends in some of the other bands that played, like jonathan from hawk nelson, and all the jars of clay guys. The show was rad and we all had so much fun playing it. Thanks to everyone that came out and said hey, and thanks to Mel for the gift bag.... She is awesome. alright, til next time.


PS, i was going to post some pics that ethan sent me, but i realized that he posted them on his blog, so just check them out there. theres some real good ones.



I went on the website simpsonizeme.com to see what i would look like as a simpsons character... you decide if the website works or not... here are the results.


In Action

A Pic by Meg from our show in Kingsport friday night. WOW were the kids there awesome. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us that night, it was a really cool show, and my new PRS sounded so great. See you all soon..



A new era...

Well, Yesterday I recieved my first Paul Reed Smith guitar that PRS gave me as a new partnership with me and the company. I am really excited to be working with them. So far the people that i have met and talked with have been so great and for some reason they think im cool. I will be hanging out at the PRS booth at the Creation festival in WA on the 25th of this month, if any of you want to come over and say hey. Anyways, the first PRS to arrive is the Standard Satin in the charcoal finish. The first time i picked up this guitar i knew i was going to love it. The craftsmanship on this is amazing, and it plays great. I cant wait to plug it into my rig and crank it. anyways, enough geeking, i attached a pic of the new axe. more to come...



SonShine Pics

Here are a few pics from Sonshine festival that we just played in Minnesota. We had a good time. We had a kid named Max come up and play guitar on sadie hawkins and he ended up stealing the show. It was pretty rad. I have been checking you tube to see if anyone has posted a video of that, so if anyone has one, let me know. alright, see you later.


funny old pic

my buddy jeff (my old roommate, with the snowball... see jeff wilson on my friends link) sent me a whole bunch of old pics from when we lived together... he sent me one pic of my days when i moonlighted as a terrorist decoy for the NSA. it was a good job, the benefits were great, but it always made my trips to the skating rink a little akward...



oh that walt disney...

Well, last night at around 7 o clock lindsay and i finshed our 13 hour drive back from disney in orlando. We spent the week down there with 14 other (16 total) family members. it was a crazy week. we spent 5 days down there... the first day we took a detour from the pack and stopped off to see my family in the beautiful city of mt. dora... then we spent the next four days at disney. we went to 4 parks in 4 days... i do not recommend this unless you have feet of steel and an unhumanly high tolerance to the sun. although we both feel like we need a vacation from our vacation, we had a good time, and it was awesome seeing our family for a week... one of the great things is that they now have little huts selling mcdonalds at all the disney parks.... so for all of you mickey ds lovers out there, it really has become the happiest place on earth.

more to come



Fan Covers

Every now and again, I will go on youtube to check and see what kind of vids of RK are up on the net so that i can see how goofy i look hopping around on one foot during the set. And.... every now and again, i see that some kids video themselves covering RK songs.... Few are as awesome as this kids, so i thought i would post it for all of you to see...




Da Dance in Da Fall

Here is a pic that my friend sent me from when i was in middle school rocking out with my band "flippant." We were truly a force to be reckoned with. we only played pearl jam covers, and a few originals, such as "soap" and "overdose on tylenol." we played birthday parties, and one school function i think. we were the bomb. anyways, enjoy the picture, i sure did.