Eat your heart out, Rocky....

Well, the tour has officially started... We played our show in NYC yesterday to a sold out crowd, and it was really cool. Hoopes an i had a chance to walk around Manhattan a bit. We went to midtown comics, and got a slice of new yorks finest... It was kind of unfortunate that our first show was in NYC, because were still working some of the bugs out of our set, but for the most part, it was cool. Tonight we are in Philly, where Ethan and I went to the "rocky steps," thats what we told our cab driver... and spent about a half hour posing and framing each other like uber geeks and nerds from the 9th level or mordor. It was well worth it though, as we were able to see a lot of the city, including the liberty bell and independence hall.... I walked down to South Street earlier, and went to Atomic city comics, where they had the most beloved dollar boxes... my favorite... I had a great day. Also got to meet another schneck, believe it or not... i guess theyre not as uncommon in these parts, seeing as how there is a Schnecksville about an hour from here... who wouldnt want to live there? anyways... we are about to go on stage, so i need to go... til next time.