Itt whas cuch a phun tyme, eye deecydead to pohst sum pycturs...

Im dumb.

Here are some pics from the UCirvine show that Kat Park totally emailed me. Thanks, i havent posted fan pics for a while, but i enjoyed the show, i figured id post them. please ignore my dumb face, but please take note of my not dumb PRS guitars...

On another note, a girl presented me with a razor along with a note asking me to please shave. I wasnt sure whether to be offended or flattered. I still havent decided, but i havent shaved, and i think i will roll over the "no shave november" into december and possibly 08.
I may end up looking like this guy....

unfortunately, for the girl that is upset, as well as the gillette corporation, my wife likes my beard...

peace love and keeping my face warm...


Good time in CA

I got the chance to hang out with a good buddy of mine at our show last night in Irvine CA... His name being Frankie Franco... His blog being http://frakfraco.blogspot.com/ and his site being frakfraco.com... Hes the mastermind behind our holiday flat for sale at our shows... i think there is a preview of that on his site. Anyways, its always good to hang with friends and always good to be in california. Thats all for now, thanks for reading...

peace love and the west coast...


Fan Art

I Couldnt figure out how to follow the post about Casey, so i decided to just post some fan art for the time being... Thanks to Kara for this one...

peace, love, and doodle bugs....


Thoughts on the day

I was startled by a text i received late tonight that Casey from hawthorne heights had passed away last night. I had the pleasure of doing a tour supporting hawthorne on the nintendo fusion tour last year. I got to know casey a little and he was always a great person to be around, always had a smile on his face, took his band serious, loved his fans, and had every nintendo DS game that was on the market. It is always a weird feeling to hear that someone you know, even if it isnt well, has passed away. It reminds us how fragile and perfect the gift of life is. I will remember Casey the way most people will probably remember him... headbanging, and screaming, jamming the guitar, with a smile on his face between songs. My prayers go out to your family, as well as your band mates and friends.

peace, love, and remembering casey...


Some things i am thankful for (including ending sentences in prepositions)

I decided to mention a few things i am thankful for this thanksgiving, and i wanted to share them with you.

in no particular order...
-my wife, shes amazing
-my family, they are all very special in their own way
-my country, being able to live in the US is a blessing, and for that i am thankful... being able to live amongst people who dont feel the same way i do about things, but still being able to believe whatever i want is a great thing.
-my friends... being able to play music with 4 of my best friends for a living is one of the greatest feelings in the world.
-fantasy football, i am fortunate to be able to still be in first place... please knock on any wood nearby.
-great companies like PRS guitars and their willingness to work with us.
-my dogs, they will always be my first children
-dc comics
-sylvester stallone
-god's grace that is never ending

There are more things that i am thankful for, but these are the only ones i could think of for now.


Im sick.

I hope that everyone has a happy thanksgiving. I am going out of town tomorrow, but not before i stop by the my local comic book store to pick up the new umbrella academy issue... I have been fighting a cold for several days now, i finally broke down and went and got a z-pack and i feel better already... If i can get my phone to sync up with my new OS, i will put up some sweet pics from NYC. wish my luck. til then...


ps, i know that poison doesnt sing that song.


girls girls girls... but not that dumb poison song.

Check out justasiamclothing.com for new girls clothings items... theyre pretty sweet, and girls are sweet....at least some of them. weird.




Sometimes i wish that i was a little bit more poetic, or romantic, and i cant find the right words to say... and sometimes, it just so happens that someone i know happens to say the right thing for me. I was browsing around the web today and found a quote that gave me a smile and a tingle. Its funny how sometimes you find something so perfect when you are just wasting time.. which i do a lot of right now. anyways...

--Recently i have found that life is much more complex, oddly enough i have discovered this complexity in the simplicity of monotony. Its when our lives settle into a groove when you find out what is most important. over the past year and a half i have been watching things settle. and i am not too sure i enjoy all that is rising to the top. but that is why i try to stay as close to the Lord as possible. when these things rise to the top, he can reach down and take them out. staying close to the lord is not easy, but i guess thats how refining feels and does to you. and i am pleased to say that through all my struggles and failures that i love the lord more today than i ever have in my whole life. i thank the lord every day for his grace, and i am thankful that it is not missing.--


Thanks frak...

Let is snow baby, let it reindeer....

You never know what will happen when you come to a RK show. This was at a show we played in the antarctic tundra. We had to have snow dogs pull our gear because the trucks got stuck... it was a crazy night. (photo by andy barron.)


peace love and chattering teeth..



Thanks to everyone for the response with the new myspace that is up and running... i am doing my very best to keep it updated... see you guys there.



beards are kewl

(photo by ethan luck)

i am taking part in no shave november... here is a pic of my with a semi beard. im at the stage where people cant tell if im trying to grow a beard or am just getting really lazy. hopefully people think im tough. just kidding.

heres to saving razors...



Im Back!

Alright, i got a lot of emails about me deleting my myspace (www.myspace.com/jonschneck) and truth is, i surely did.... it got super over run with macys gift cards and scantily clad women, and men for that matter... i figured the easiest way to get back to square one was just to start over, so thats what i did. If you know me from RK and added me as a friend on myspace before, i am sorry, we are no longer friends, so go back and add me! again, the address is myspace.com/jonschneck. i hope to be internet friends with all of you. i cant wait.

peace love and internet relationships....



One more week...

Well, i squeezed out a win over the usually dominate Matt Thiessen... I seem to have this curse where whoever i play, they have poor weeks... Lets hope that i can keep up this trend. I have a so-so schedule leading into the playoffs, which start week 15, so we will see how it goes. wish me luck.

more to come...

peace, love, and squeakin by...


My favorite yet...

The wonderful people from PRS guitars have provided me with another amazing instrument... I cant wait to get back on the road in 3 days and plug it into my rig.

A gold top SC-250. Check them out on the web at www.PRSGUITARS.com

peace, love, and goldtops....



A penny for your thoughts??? if so id be broke...

I have decided to disable comments on my bloggeroo... I just wanted to say thanks for everyone who has commented and been faithful to viewing. Im still going to blog consistently, just without comments. I hope that you guys will still come by and read. I still have my email address rockin, so feel free to drop a line and i will do my best to answer promptly.

See you soon...

peace, love, and .... no comment



Dont call the ASPCA, please...

I dont consider what i do to my animals abuse, but some, including my dogs, may think otherwise. We enjoyed this halloween and i was fortunate to get to swing through nashville for long enough to see my wife and be a little festive. Baking cookies and dressing up helpless animals is a great release... i hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i do.

peace love and spider-dog...


Fully operational....