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almost here...

jonschneck.com has become jonathanschneck.com. set your bookmarks. long and unfunny story to follow.... anyways, there is a splash page up and soon there will be goodness for all. take a peek and ill blog back soon.

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hey guys and gals... just a favor to ask... i love getting emails from everyone, but i would appreciate it if you would exclude me from your fwd list... my inbox is flooded with fwds and it is hard to get to my actual emails... i mean, we all want to save chimps and see funny baby videos, but you know what im saying. okay, take care.

peace love and stopping the forwards


WHAT? a huge ghostbusters announcement at the SD Comic Con???

it better be goood... dont make my kid cry dan... please dont make my kid cry (and by my kid i mean me)...

peace love and fingers crossed for that never gonna be made 3rd movie....

review of rocky mountain slides

alright, so i am just getting into slides really... my dad got me a moonshine slide when i was younger but i played with it for like a day and wasnt really into it... recently though i am really enjoying playing slide.. i have been going back and learning all the slide parts to some of my favorite jams like stp interstate love song, that one song from the crow, skynyrd's freebird... jazz like that, as well as experimenting with some open tuning. I feel like the best way to learn is just to dive in, and thats what ive been doing. anyways, i got two slides from RMS and i must say, they are pretty great. they are handmade from colorado clay and look like something i would have made in my 12th grade pottery class in high school (although i couldnt have made professional grade slides, but you get the point). They are handmade and glazed with different materials to give them different sounds... i have a shavano middy hellhound red for acoustic, and a middy beauty and the beast bayou blue for electric... the only thing i can compare these slides to is the ones i already have, which is a dunlop steel and a dunlop glass... im going to compare the RMS as once because they sound very similar. the RMS is sort of a perfect combination between the two that i arleady have... it has the nice weight of the steel, but the feel of the glass... RMS gives me rad sustain, even on acoustic and it is super comfortable to play. the tonal difference is something i cant really explain, but to me, they just sound more even and warmer. the over tones are there, but not in an annoying "im horrible at slide" kinda way... to sum it up, they are they best slides i have played.... they are a bit more expensive than the dunlops, which you can get for like 5 bucks, but if you really want to get involved in this technique, it is well worth the few extra bucks to get a better sounding, and feeling model. i have no complaints at all... check them out at rockymountainslides.com. later dudes.

peace, love, and slip n slides


Sliding my way to the top

Since playing a little slide on our latest studio effort, i have really gotten into the idea of slide guitar and have been playing slide every day... i recently ordered some slides from rocky mountain slide company (rockymountainslides.com) and i am anxiously awaiting their arrival. stay tuned for my review.

peace love and slides

they will be mine... they must be mine...

Nike Skate is about to release a horror film line of shoes that look pretty amazing. included in this series is a nightmare on elm street shoe. I dont know if many people know this about me, but i am big fan of horror movies and this franchise has always been among my favorite for sure. I think the shoes are coming out in october or november or something like that, not soon enough if you ask me. if anyone wants to know what i want for halloween, this is it! wait, do people get gifts for halloween? okay, thanksgiving, whatever...

peace, love, and please research any and every movie before you watch it...


Well isnt this the best news youve heard in a while?

Pearl Jam have begun work on early demos for their ninth studio album — which will be their first with producer Brendan O’Brien since 1998’s Yield, according to guitarist Mike McCready. “It’s really in its infant stages right now,” McCready tells Rolling Stone. “We have about five ideas that have been worked on.” The band, whose last album was 2006’s well-received Pearl Jam, isn’t sure yet about the direction of the new release. “Brendan is another set of ears that we respect, and he’s going to give us a different way to go but I don’t know what that is yet,” McCready says. The band has already had one session with O’Brien, and will probably resume work on the album in July after finishing their June U.S. tour.

peace love and anticipation


Oh i almost forgot

I would encourage you to always check your statement involving your cell phone... i got over billed 210 dollars this month and i almost paid it, then i decided to call and the representative told me that it was correct and i was mistaken... i asked to talk to his supervisor and then after 20 min on hold i got hung up on... then i called back and i got a nice lady that realized the mistake and fixed it in about 20 seconds. anyways... all that to say you should always check your bill... peace.


Josh wilson c deez

Hello all... Just dropping a blog today. Liam and i had our first outing alone... we spent an hour at the grocery store. we survived. I got a cd in the mail the other day that i played guitar and banjo on a while back. Dudes name is josh wilson and he is on sparrow records. The cd is pretty cool if you are into his style of music, the guitar on there is phenomenal. kidding. anyways, check it out if you have a minute or two, its called "trying to fit the ocean in a cup."

not much else going on right now, other than finishing up some recording (and by that i mean matt is finishing up some vocals), but the end product that i have heard is to my liking. it will be a good day when it is complete. I have also started writing for an idea i have for a cd thingy that i am interested in doing... i hope this isnt just one of those come and go things i usually do because i really want to get some stuff down that i have been thinking about for a long time, and i have gotten some sweet gear lately to use during this process... some PRS and baden guitars, as well as some nice tube peavey amps. yeah. alright. take it easy.

peace love and having a good day...