Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from me and my friends.

peace, love, and one more day closer to the grocery being out of egg nog thank the lord of nazareth...


Larry's on our side

Like him or not, hes got good taste...

taken from the transcript page on cnn.com:


Brad Pitt Interview/Holiday Concert Number Two

Aired December 21, 2007 - 21:00 ET

KING: During tonight's program, you've heard music from "Let it Snow, Baby, Let in Rain, Dear," a holiday album by the band Reliant K. NPR called it one of the most appealing, fun Christmas disks of the year. Special thanks to the guys at Reliant K and to Bobby Gale (ph) at Capitol Records for letting us use their terrific music.

Thanks to bobby (our publicist) and Larry King for plugging our disc. get it before they become coasters and paperweights for the next 11 months.

peace, love, and Larry King...



Im not trying to ignore anyone... including close friends, family, friends of RK, my inbox is overflowing and if you have emailed me in the past few weeks, im sorry, i promise i will get back to you, just hang tight. thanks for your patients doctor. til then, have a great day!


Okay, one more game....

Well, i did lose to the mighty Matt Thiessen in his freshman year of fantasy football... My strategy held strong for most of the year, but injuries and his good team kept me out of the finals... I will have one more game against my friend josh white for 3rd or 4th place, this will decide the draft order for next year, supposing i reenlist. The battle of the titans is one of the battle of the lead singers... Matt vs. Mark Stuart, formerly of Audio A fame... I wish them both luck, although i must admit i am pulling for Matt... When i lose, i only want to lose to the best, so good luck buddy.

peace, love, and matts head on my body...


And so it begins

Today is quite possibly my last fantasy football game EVER!!!! I squeaked into the playoffs after having led the league for most of the season, but i face a monster with the face of an angel... matt thiessen. My ever so fickle wide outs are all on the injury list, making my chances of survival that much harder. I wish matt the best of luck in his freshman year as a fantasy player, but i remind him of a player called dan marino. early success but NEVER TO RETURN!!!!!! See you on the computer screen.

peace love and crossing every finger i own.




I seen it. Twas good. Review to follow.



Cover me (like candlebox... wikipedia them, they will change your life)

Ok they probably wont change your life, but they were the first band i ever saw in concert... candlebox and flaming lips edge concert field, orlando florida, 1994... something like that. anyways, i found a cover of give on you tube, and for some reason i really wanted to post it. there are a lot of RK covers on you tube, and i watch most of them when i am bored... does that make me lame? i dont know... i usually come across them searching for live vids of us to see how we sounded a certain night, and get sidetracked by the talent of our fans. anyways, enjoy.



wyoming, alaska... states could care less about me...

In a recent visit to my "google analytics"... I realized that i was only two states away from a phi slamma jamma with complete state visits. If you dont know what analytics is, its a site that you can visit in order to see how many people view your website. Its fun to check out every once in a while. It has a cool feature that tells you how many states have visited, as well as the city, and the number of visits from each one. If you know of anyone in wyoming or alaska, email them and tell them to click on my site, just once.. then i can cross "have someone from every state visit my blog" off of my fake things to accomplish before i turn 27 list. Thanks for your support in achieving my fake dreams.

peace love and obviously scrounging for things to post about...

fan art

I love fan art, its one of my favorite things to get... here is a pic that dianna did in MS paint, i think...

There are a few more weeks before the big christmas day if you havent heard this record, go pick one up.


For the 100th time, weve been elfed.

I think i get an email about once a day with someone who elfs our band. I must say, i am 100 percent flattered that so many people take the time to elf us. if you are not familiar with what I am talking about, you can paste a picture of your face on a crazy dancing elfs body, and email it to your friends to let them know how bored you were at the time. If youre are in fact bored, please watch us dance, as elfs.

Check it

peace love and little green us's



Too hairy, Too Skinny hails RK fan... Unrelated, glass is also half empty.

I have gotten a few emails from fans that are not digging my new friend mister whiskers. As i have said before, i dont think that offends me or anything, but some of the emails i have received have been very "to the point." For those of you who think i look ridiculous, look at bob seger and look at how sweet he looks, then look at me again, i think you will surely change your mind. If that doesnt work... I wasnt born with a beard, and i probably wont die with a beard, so just be patient. I did get an amusing email from a girl that told me i was entirely too skinny... hmm, maybe i should start eating fast food or something, that may help. I will look into that for sure. Thanks for all the emails, even the ones that say i look funny. right now we are enjoying a break before we finish up the year and gear up for christmas. If you didnt hear, RK will be on the majority of warped tour this coming summer. This should be a lot of fun, and i am looking forward to it, and to seeing all of you guys out there. Thats all for now. Go titans.

peace, love, and military grade razors...

ps i just saw the "i am legend" trailer, looks sweet...

How to scare your mother...

step 1. dont shave for two months.
step 2. go to mothers house for dinner and mingling.
step 3. show face to mother.
step 4. have a laugh.



New Pics on the PRS Site!!!

Check out www.prsguitars.com, follow the links to the artist section, and then to the artist photos... There you will see some pics from our Baltimore show from the appetite for construction tour taken by mark from PRS. There are pics of me, matt, and matt jamming on the axes. I think its funny to say jamming on the axes. Try it... Jamming on the axes. See, it is fun, eh?

Anyways, if youre bored, check out the pics, along with some really beautiful guitars on the site.

I have had a few questions about what gear we are playing from prs, so ill just go ahead and mention them here...

SC 250 goldtop
SC 245 Platinum
Satin Standard Charcoal
Satin Standard Mahogany
Mira Sandstorm
Hollowbody w/ piezo Goldtop
SE Soapbar II Cherry

Mira Seafoam Green

SC 250 Black w/ queen sticker!!!!!

I know that I talk a lot about this company... I dont mean to be overbearing, but I have played a lot of guitars, and i truly feel that PRS makes the best guitar on the market. We dont get paid or anything to play the guitars, or do the videos, or talk about them on the blogs, i just believe in the company and feel very fortunate to be able to work with them and play their instruments.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for coming out on this past tour... We were able to donate around $100,000 dollars to habitat for humantiy! That is an amazing thing, and we couldnt have done it without your support. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for coming out to the shows and picking up our records. Thats all for now.

peace love and home for the holidays...


Were famous!

I was just informed by my pal jeff that the real autozone guy had replied to our autozone podcast featuring john warne...

he quoted

Hey. The real AutoZone guy, here. Yep. I'm the voice of all of their national ads, write and produce all of their music, and sing "Get In The Zone-AutoZone" on all their jingles. We were in the studio w/the folks from AutoZone's ad dept. yesterday cutting new spots, went to YouTube to look at a different video & ran across yours. We laughed our asses off. You'll be hearing from my lawyer in the morning. (Just kidding.) Rock on, Relient K!

good stuff. I am glad that we reached the top with our video. Keep making the jingles dude, and well keep trying to reproduce them.

peace love and car commercials.


one of my favorite artists right now


check it.

peace love and art

The only dude i want building my guitars

I found this video on youtube late last night in my bunk while fighting my insomnia. This is one of the reasons i think PRS makes the best guitars out there... I hope i get to meet this dude someday. I need to stop saying dude.

peace love and luthiers