Here are a few pics from the Detriot rock city show. Not much was happening there, except for the amazing number of people that turned up. We had a really fun show, and hope they did too. It started to snow towards the end of the night, and it was extrememly cold.... Hoopes and I walked down to borders, but it closed about 10 minutes before we got there, which was a bummer, but we found a tai place and had some good eats, so it was no problemo. Only one more week on our first run... this tour is flying by so far... cant wait to get to Chicago and hit up Graham Crackers Comics... our old pal danny is going to be there hangin out, and he promised to cart me around. YIPEE. anyways.... im going to subway, and you cant stop me, in fact, i probably will have already walked there, eaten, and walked back before you even read this. so there is NO way you can stop me... dont even try. okay. bye.