Its almost here

I just recieved for the first time, an actual copy of our record... I am very excited for this record to finally be released, for more than one reason. First of all, we put a lot of hard work, and time into arranging the songs, and working them out in and out of the studio. We finished recording the record back in September, so it has been waiting to be heard for a long time now. Also, this being the first full length that i have been a part of (see also apathetic ep), I finally have a sense of pride to go along with my liking of all of the other RK LPs. I also think that in the vein of mmhmm, the writing was once again taken to the next level, as well as the production, and musicianship. I am very proud of this record, and cant wait for it to be released... check your rk mac widget for those specs :)



Eat your heart out Lex...

I have always been a little disgusted at the way that warner brothers has decided to depict Lex Luthor, the great adversary of Superman. He never makes funny jokes and has silly horn music playing when he enters a room in the comic book world... He is angry, and hates Superman, at least most the time... Smallville has gotten closest... my point is i came across this fan made trailer of a movie that has never been made, called "Grayson." Dick Grayson, was the original robin in the Batman comic books... after he was the boy wonder, he went on to be known as Nightwing, and was replaced by a few others, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake... Anyways, The person who made this trailer, in my opinion, got the mood of all of the characters down pat. I really wish this movie had been made, cause i think it would have been an awesome story... instead they make ghost rider. Check it out.


I am about to lose LOST

I'm getting a little upset that my favorite tv show has taken a dive straight into the toilet. I have been waiting to catch up on several shows because I am investing my every emotion (that i have allotted to tv) into this show... well, im about to ditch it and invest my jon stock into a little 401 k called heroes if next week is as booooooring as this week. First of all, they said they were going to answer three of losts biggest answers... I dont think so. if letting us know that the people from the tail section were still alive was answering one of the biggest mysteries, then the writers are very confused as to what we think are big mysteries. Lets recap the show... a horribly boring jackback (which makes like 10) that did no character devolopment whatsoever, a new "sherrif" that we can add to the list of things we dont know about this show... more manipulation from the others and Jack... no beach scenes... Kate and Sawyer let Carl go and didnt even ask him one single question about who they were... my word. Then they ended the show with a series of shots where everyone was in love....gah... Then we were left with a preview saying we couldn't miss next week, just like we couldn't miss this week, and as if theyre really going to kill Charlie... ugh... This is definately the show i love to hate, but I am leaning more towards the latter right now.



Whyd you have to go and ruin it, Britney...

I'm not going to attempt, or pretend I know what is going on with Britney Spears and her shaved head... I am just simply going to say that she has ruined the hollywood hot shaved head streak for me. Lets recap, shall we? First off, we have Sinead Oconnor. While we (the public) didnt always agree on her antics, everytime I watch the "nothing compares" video, and that tear runs down her cheek... man, shes a pretty bald woman. Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. Once again, it made the hot hotter... Must we never forget Robin Tunney in Empire Records... This to me was the epitome of a the perfect buzz. I might watch prison break if she did that again... Then I only have two words... Natalie Portman. Nuff said. And then we have Brit... The streak has ended my friends. I wil refrain from reading hollywood blogs for at least a month, 'til she gets some length on that bumpy head of hers. Thanks for ending the streak, Britney... Thanks.




Matt Hoopes is 26. Where does the time go.


Back from the Dead?!?!?!?!

In a Philanthropic move, my father, bequeathed me one of his 3 remaining dot mac annual memberships, that he had purchased as a family pack of five... As of today, my old blog is back up. I will still continue to blog here, But i will continue to post videos, and photo albums and such there, and if something is new, I will link it here. For now, if youre feeling nostalgic, feel free to visit. Have a good afternoon.


The Sacrifice of Love

Well, as most of you know, Feb. 14th is Valentines day. For me, it is my least favorite holiday... not in the sense that i dont like doing something special for my wife, but I just dont like being forced to because of commercialism. I feel like the chocolate, greeting card, and flower industry has a monopoly on this day and it is embedded in our minds that if we dont purchase these three things for our significant other, than we dont really love them, or whatever... It reminds me of this situation with the trash pickup service in my neighborhood. We move into this house, and they tell us that its a pleasant place to live, and to look at the beautiful flowers, and theyre nice, and they say to look at the nicely paved roads, which ride well, and say look at how happy your neighbors are, which most would appear, but then once we sign the papers and buy our house, they begin to tell us that i have to pay 83 dollars a month to keep my 5X5 patch of front yard weed wacked, and if we want trash pickup, we have to use this one service, and they can charge whatever they want, becuase they have an agreement... well, i went as long as i could, but one month while i was on the road, Lindsay, bless her heart, got tired of the smell, so she signed us up. My point is, i dont like situations where we are forced into things because we have to. If Valentines day was a holiday of gesture, or actual thought, then i wouldnt be so upset. While i was at the grocery store yesterday, it was a mad rush for all the collared shirts to find the 50 cent balloon with the most air in it... my point is that I feel like its just another day where the media has told us we have to buy candy or were not a good mate. That and the fact that everyone says im cheap and angry... Well, I didnt buy any flowers, or a red heart shaped box, but i cooked dinner for Lindsay... I even destroyed TWO copies of Superman 75, IV printings to make the menu. I know that to most of you that doesnt seem like much, and im not patting myself on the back, but it is my favorite comic of all times... I do have 7 more of the same issue, but still... My point in all of this, as a man, try to do something thoughtful for your love, and not buy a bag of hearts with letters on it because you feel like the t.v. made you.



Ethan's Grammy Recap

I was going to do a grammy recap, but this morning when i woke up, i was directed to Ethan Lucks blog (found under the my friends blog section) and i read his wonderful "grammy recrap." I felt rather than compete for the best humorous catch phrases, I would just direct you to to his blog, because we share the same feelings to a tee. Speaking of being bored, for all of you mac savvy nerds out there, the hugable John Warne has created two new widgets for dashboard. One of them is a "Relient k unquotable quotes," and the other "RK five score countdown widget." Stay glued to our website to see when those will pop up. If they arent up there soon, I will post them for everyone to enjoy. Have a great day.

6 days til my half birthday!



Welcome Race Fans.

Welcome to this new blog that i have created. I already miss my .mac account, but i just felt like i wasnt getting enough use out of it to spend the money. Maybe someday when one of my get rich quick schemes works, I wont have to worry about that anymore, but its going to take a lot of flipped playstations, at 12 bucks a pop, to make any dreams come true. Anyways, if you have followed me over from .mac, welcome and i cant wait to start a new year here. More to come.