Speed 2: Cruise Control

Good move Keanu..

Anyways, we (the members of the band relient k) are going on a cruise this week (you mean they actually hang out together?)... which will mean there wont be any new blog posts coming up anytime soon (seriously, theyre all friends?)... Thanks for everyone reading and participating in some commenting, i enjoy reading all of them. (i heard they didnt get along) I guess, as long as our ship stays afloat, i will be right back here in 8 days, or so... wish me luck as we will be doing a lot of unnatural traveling (flying, boating)... I will send each and everyone of you a postcard from the Caribbean, even you.. yes YOU... (im glad they all like each other) if you dont get it by wednesday, dont blame me, blame the post office.

peace love and heres to hoping someone will still read this thing after a week long hiatus....



Meet Jon Black

I noticed that my friend jon has a blog, so i thought i would link him because his music is rad, and everyone should check him out, plus he likes comics and has a beard. new links on the sidebar.




Im living a fantasy

Started off the new Fantasy Football season 3-0. Matt T was our newest edition in the league, and he is doing quite well... our league consists of musicians, ex musicians, merch guys, sound guys, and well, a few other dudes. My mom always told me it was good to be specific. anyways, wish me luck as i head into wk 4 facing the #1 ranked player.

Also, I have gotten several links to everyones 100 things list... they are pretty fun, yeah? Thanks for playing along with me.

peace love and fantasy touchdowns...


ten things i hate about you, er... something.

I was reading my friends blog the other day, and she had a 100 things you might not know about me list. For some reason i read the enitre thing, and then decided to do my own. i found hers very interesting, hopefully you will do the same for mine.

enjoy, or dont...

1. I used to have a ventriloquist doll named lester, he was black and wore a plaid vest. I got it from the sears catalog.
2. I am afraid of growing old.
3. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.
4. I ordered magic tricks from an infomercial, and practiced them diligently.
5. I played little league baseball.
6. My dad was my little league coach one year.
7. I called miss cleo the Jamaican psychic one time.
8. I look on ebay every single day.
9. I spend more time reading comics than I do reading the bible.
10. My first real job in the music business was a roadie on Jessica simpsons first tour.
11. I want a motorcycle.
12. I used to get grossed out by olives, but now I cant get enough of them.
13. San fransicso is my favorite city in the western half of the US.
14. New york is my favorite city in the eastern half of the US.
15. I used to surf. My surfboard is currently in my attic in my landlocked state.
16. I used to be way in to fishing. I would go every day.
17. The things I miss most about florida are the bodies of water.
18. My gandfather died in my house when I was in high school. He was on hospice care.
19. I played soccer in high school.
20. Every girlfriend I had, except for one and my wife, cheated on me.
21. I have a fake tooth. It’s the one in the front on the right.
22. I used to sleep with a tent on my bed.
23. I also used to sleep in that same tent on our trampoline.
24. My tent had the ninja turtles on it.
25. I also had a ninja turtle sleeping bag.
26. I used to build lego forts for my gi joes.
27. My favorite movie is ghostbusters.
28. I am addicted to pop culture.
29. I prefer coke to pepsi, bue feel guilty after drinking one.
30. I use my meal plate for dessert, and that grosses dave Douglas out.
31. It has taken me about thirty minutes to get this far.
32. I accomplish more in the hours before 10 am, and if I sleep past 10, I feel like the whole day is worthless.
33. I hate shaving, but I hate not being clean shaved.
34. I prefer DC to marvel.
35. I love watching documentaries, even if I could care less about what they are about.
36. I went through a huge van halen phase.
37. I even bough a techno tribute to van halen.
38. My first job was bagging groceries.
39. My second job was at a golf course.
40. My third job was at a video game store.
41. My fourth job was at a boot store.
42. My fifth job was at Tennessee call before you dig.
43. My sixth job was for Jessica simpson.
44. I had odd jobs between those jobs, I cut grass for a landlord, and helped build custom cabinets.
45. I have never lived alone.
46. The oldest friend (we went to preschool together) I have married one of my high school girlfriends… I wasn’t invited to the wedding.
47. I am really good a table tennis.
48. The fist movie I saw in a theatre was an American tale.
49. I consider myself a hobbyist, but I don’t mean to be.
50. I tried to give guitar lessons this year, but didn’t get any students.
51. I love watching figure skating.
52. I really love watching gymnastics during the Olympics.
53. I used to wish my name was zach, like my friend zach ghering, cause I thought it sounded cool.
54. I don’t sleep very well, ever.
55. I have several man crushes. I wont name names.
56. My favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch.
57. Keanu reeves is one of my all time favorite actors.
58. I love sushi.
59. I wish I was on a flag football team.
60. I want to play golf but its too expensive of a hobby for me to get into right now.
61. I love talk radio.
62. I love Michael savage, although my wife has convinced me he is only a “character.”
63. I consider myself neither democrat nor republican, nor liberal or conservative.
64. I would never vote for a person based solely on their political party.
65. i wish that fried food was good for you, I would eat it every day.
66. I consider myself a connoisseur of cheese sticks. I alternate each dip from marinara sauce to ranch dressing.
67. I also love BK chicken fries, and I rotate dips from bbq to ranch dressing.
68. My dad ships me bbq sauce from my favorite rib joint in my home town.
69. I recently started looking for old friends online. I have found several and reconnected. Its fun.
70. The first movie I remember seeing in the theatre is an American tale.
71. I hate the saxophone, for the most part. That doesn’t mean I hate you, if you play one.
72. I know all the words from several 80s movies, including bttf, and ghostbusters.
73. My sister and I used to watch the mickey mouse club when Brittney and Justin and Christina were on there.
74. We also went to see them tape the show live. It was a Disney.
75. I often regret major purchases, soon after I buy them.
76. I wish I would have never stopped taking piano lessons. I will probably be the sort of parent who makes their kid do that sort of thing.
77. I don’t like to sweat.
78. I played high school tennis.
79. I think bryan adams has an amazing voice. I also think Michael Bolton has an amazing voice.
80. I say something at least once a day to get the response is, “are you serious?”
81. I am in fact, serious.
82. Mcdonalds has long been my favorite restaurant. Chic fil a is a close second, followed by captain ds. Yes, all that is true.
83. I enjoy eating inside fast food joints by myself.
84. My car doesn’t have a radio, and its where I do some of my best reflecting.
85. I go back and forth on whether or not I enjoy watching baseball.
86. I fall asleep to the golf channel every single night.
87. I can type 75 words per minute.
88. My two dream cars are a 1960s ford bronco, baby blue with a white top, and a delorean. I joke that if I was single I would have them both. Its not a joke.
89. I think its better to invest money in things that you can sell for a profit, rather than sticking It in the bank. The only investment I have ever lost money on, are mutual funds.
90. My first bi racial crush was lisa bonet from the cosby show.
91. I am not against plastic surgery.
92. I want to start and online comic, but haven’t gotten around to it.
93. I have never owned a new car.
94. I have however owned a new house.
95. I am doing, professionally, exactly what I want to be doing right now. I have wanted to be a musician since I was 10.
96. I play paul reed smith guitars, and I love them.
97. I got in a car wreck when I was 14… the car burned up and I was in a wheel chair for 8 weeks. I recovered.
98. My favorite golfer is tiger woods and I like it when he wins by a landslide.
99. I don’t play guitar as much as I would like to.
100. I wish I was more disciplined.



Review of Superman Doomsday

First, ill give my non spoiler review. I loved it.

Okay, and now for my review, may contain spoilers.
First of all, ill start out by saying that that 75 is my all time favorite issue and the comic that pulled me to DC over from marvel. with that being said, I was really anxious to see how they were going to adapt the screen play. I knew that they were not going to do the full on death and return with the four imposters, and the funeral for a friend story, because there just wasnt enough time for them to pull that off, so i couldnt wait to see what the plot was going to be. The movie starts out with the origin of doomsday coming from a bc space ship that lexcorp discovers while digging for new forms of power. once doomsday (who is never referred to as doomsday) is revealed, he goes on his killing rampage straight away. the fight scenes were amazing, it was great full page action just like in 75. the art wasnt as good, but i let that slide. superman and doomsday both die within the first 20 min. of the movie... the title may have been called superman's doomsday, or day of doom or something like that, cause the actual doomsday character wasnt in it very much... thats okay with me though. once the death and funeral stuff happens, lex clones supes from a drop of blood found at the fight scene and there is a triumphant "retrurn of superman." This is similar to the superboy leg of the four imposters in the comics. I think it was the most logical choice for continuity. I wont spoil everything, superman eventually comes back and there is another great fight between the real mullet sporting superman, and his confused clone. The movie is kind of a fight sandwhich, with some love stories as the meat and mayo. If you are a fan of S:TAS and the comics, i dont think that you will be dissapointed. The story is good enough on its own to get past the art if you are not a fan of the animated series. my FAVORITE part of the movie is when "superman" returns and is fighting toyman, and sure enough, a giant spider appears in the third act. some of you will not know what i am talking about (see youtube "kevin smith on superman") Its a slap in the face to john peters, who was going to remake the original superman with nick cage and tim burton.. kevin smith wrote a screen play and the producer john peters told him there had to be a giant spider in it... right after supes defeats the spider, there is a cameo of kevin smith and he calls the scene lame. it was very clever writing.

Fan or not, i think it is an entertaining movie... if youre not into the story, theres enough action to sustain you, and if you are, its a decent enough plot, and the writing is pretty great.

peace love and dvds




Review to follow...

happy one month anniversary of me being old.



Guitar on ebay


Up for sale is one of Matt T's Guitars at a steal of a price. check it out.


You really can buy ANYTHING on eBay

I was browsing ebay last night due to complete boredom, and thought it would be a good idea to do a relient k search. Some will call this narcissistic, I will call it "what jon does while waiting for an email." Anyways... I came across a giutar pick that i threw out from stage selling for a whopping 5 bucks!

Now, am I mad that someone would take a well worn pick that i threw to them during a show, and turn around and try to make a profit off of my ugly mug? not at all... i just want to know how come eddie van halens sells for more than $130? (http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-and-Rare-Eddie-Van-Halen-guitar-pick_W0QQitemZ110167581354QQihZ001QQcategoryZ105067QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

In all seriousness, i was browsing ebay because i am about to list a guitar, and stumbled across this and thought it was amusing. I think the best way to get picks is by coming to a show though, so ill make you a deal... Come to a RK show this fall, and i will throw you one. Stay tuned for more ebay goodness.

peace love and rip-offs


McDonalds is good.

Hey everyone in the Madison WI vicinity. We are playing a free show there tomorrow (tuesday the 11th) at the Mcdonalds on the 100 Block of State St. "30 on the Square" Madison, WI 53703. Come out and say hello to us. We play at 6. If you cant come to the show, then make sure you go to mcdlive.com and vote for us to be on a fry box. If anyone knows me, they know I am excited about this, so help me, and us out to have a great show. Hope to see all of you there!

peace love and a doublecheesburger no o, fries supersized, with a coke



My heart yearns, i mean burns... I mean i have heartburn.

We are in Hollywood CA right now... We played an acoustic radio show yesterday, and were heading out in a bit to play a show with the goo goo dolls. weird, eh? its always strange to me when we get to play shows with bands that i have been a fan of for so long. I am pretty excited about this one.

Last night we all went over to Mel's diner on hollywood and highland. the have the worlds best chili, in my opinion. I always get way too much food there and feel awful about an hour afterwards. it was well worth the pain.

After mels, i got to see some of my buddies from the band over it. Ryan and Nick came and hung out... I think some of the guys went to sing karaoke but ethan and i just chilled at the hotel. i read some comics that i picked up from Meltdown comics on sunset blvd... i walked in and saw several 25 cent racks... oh yes.... thats four for a quarter. new titles too, boy was i in heaven.

Were about to head out to the show. til then,

peace love and quarters.

check out our website and read about our McDonalds promotion... anyone who knows me knows that i am stoked about this. Vote for us and vote often. Boo ya.


My wife said I was acting kind of sketchy...

I got bored the other day so i decided to do a sketch... I havent had a ton of time to draw and color lately, but i hope to get back to it once i hit the road again. The road always offers me a plethora of free time to do things like this... I decided to sketch ole supes and this is my interpretation of an old bogdanove pose, from the "death of" era... inked with a few sharpies and colored in photoshop... i tried to make it look a little gritty; super clean art is cool, but i just decided to go another way. anyways, the sketch was very rough and quick, but i just thought id post since i havent put much art up here in a while. The book that Sam and I were working on got put on hold due to our watching of the trailer to the movie "gabriel." It turns out our idea wasnt original enough, and someone decided to go and make a movie about the same thing, haha. oh well, we have some other ideas that we are exploring.

pencils, inks, and colors...

peace, love, and CS3

PS maybe some of you artists out there can help me out... anyone know a good kind of paper/lead that doesnt smudge a ton and holds the lead in the paper? i just typically sketch in an academie heavy weight sketch diary, but my sketches always get super smudged, and after about a week of carrying it around, the pages rub together and get pretty messy. any tips?