If today was a pot, his name would be Jack.

Let me start off by telling you about my daily routine... well, I wake up, usually by a phone call from my wife, do my daily morning things, and then open google maps, and find a comic book shop, or borders/books a million/barnes and noble type place within walking distance. 2 miles is my limit... I will walk 2 miles one way, but if its 2.1, im stayin put... Anyways, today, I did my googling, and I did find a borders, but since i have been to one the past 2 days, I decided to go to the number 2 location on the map.... it was cleverly called "downtown books." You'll never guess what part of town it was in. Well, my friend Jose and i walked the 1.9 miles to the shop, and went inside. I milled around for a few minutes, looked at some drawing books, sci fi books, other novels, and then I turned the corner, and saw a sign leading to the 3rd floor titled "comics." Now this book store had about every book known to man, in nice used condition, for good prices, but it didnt look like the type of place that would have a good selection of comics. It looked more like a library from the 70s. Well, I took the two flights of stairs to the 3rd floor, and I entered the room with a posterboard and sharpie label reading "comics," and my wifes biggest fears came true. Most downtown comic shops concentrate mostly on new stock, and toys, and d&d type card games, cause thats where they can make the most money, and they simply dont have room for tons of boxes of back stock... so its hard to find a good selection of older books. Well today we hit the Jackpot of all Jackpots. From A-Z there was probably 300 boxes of comics, including around 25 just of superman titles. I went twice today, because once I got back, I had to bring a friend to someone would believe me of this wonderful heaven on earth. Anyways... next time youre in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and you have a few hours to dig around long boxes, stop over at Downtown Books.