Someone is illegally using ME for promotion? How flattering...

So I'm sitting on the bus, after our show in Montreal, going through emails, and a nice dude asked me if I would recommend him the Vivid Sound guitar that I use, since I of course am endorsed by them... HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!! Not only would i not recommend using this guitar, which i dont endorse, i have never even heard of this company... not only that, but this phony dude photoshopped his companys logo on my Fender Strat, in the picture that he stole, to put on his site... what a phony... his myspace is


if youre a member, send him a message of love, but the kind of love where he feels dumb for getting caught being a big phony.


ps, i told him to take it down, so if you visit, and its not there anymore, i didnt make this up... okay bye.