I mean really... really...

Liam Jude Schneck born 1-27-08... these were just too cute not to share with america (and by america i mean the 12 people that make up "my" america). enjoy.

photos by ethan luck (ethanluck.com)



im not a girl, not yet a woman... errrr something like that.

after only about 15 years of begging my father has finally bequeathed me his highschool graduation present, which is a gibson b-25 from the mid 60s. his father gave it to him, and he had it for exactly 40 years, and now my only instructions are to give it to my son in about 40 more. i hope hes not left handed, that will throw everything off. anyways, i went out today and bought a new case for it to preserve the original one, as well as to protect it a little better. i know what youre thinking, finally a blog thats about guitars and not PRS... well, if they made PRSs 40 years ago, id be talking about them too. anyways, thanks for the guitar, i have been playing it non stop. i hope i can write a cool song about a boy and a truck who lives in some state and grows up to be something special and meets someone who does something cool that makes him want to write a song about something he saw on tv the other day. amen.

peace, love, and inheritance...



stay tooned

i have some cool stuff in the works... i promise when we get in the studio/back on the road i will be more faithful to the blog.... im sure i have lost most of my faithful readers, but i will do my best to getcha back in the coming weeks. There are a lot of cool things happening with RK so stick around and keep an eye on the website for news and also some upcoming tour dates. hope you see you guys soon. more to come!

peace, love, and sorta not saying anything, while still saying something...


sorry its been so long

hey guys, sorry its been so long since ive blogged...

i have been back to the blog a few times and reread my post about my friend lane and decided that it needed to be up there a little bit longer. i have decided its a good time to proceed with my blogging.

much has changed over the past few weeks... we hit the road again and started out with ethan luck and we have been having a blast. we already knew he was a stud on the road, but having him behind the drums just feels natural. i am glad that we were able to have him join us in this way. the shows were pretty cool, the show in PA was one of my favorites in the three plus years since ive joined this band... good time all around.

i got a nintendo wii today... we were in target buying some essentials, and i saw a wii in the store for the first time. the moment was right because lindsay was alright with the purchase! i didnt get any games, im gonna try to borrow some before i buy any, but we will see... anyways...

we did a photo shoot for PRS and if it turns out it should pop up in some guitar and music mags this year, i will keep you all posted. anyways.. til next time.

peace love and something clever...