Have a tat for Hugh, Manitee...

If you didnt know already, the tour that we are currently on is called the "appetite for constrution" tour. I think thats french... We teamed up with with habitat for humanity for this tour, and a buck from everyones ticket goes straight to the organization. its pretty awesome. Today in Baton rouge we got to go out to a habitat house and work! it was pretty cool. we were installing hardy plank, which is basically like concrete siding for houses... its more durable than vinyl and holds up better than wood. let me tell you, we are pros. we only had to take down a few boards that we put up wrong, and by the end of the day, we had almost a whole side done... i know we werent super efficient, but we did our best, and got to use some sweet power tools. if youre not familar with the organization, you should check out the haps. its awesome.

pics to follow...

peace love and black thumbs


tune in tomorrow...

We have been known to pull a kid or two on stage to play a song with us during our set, and last night, in dallas we picked a dude named dillon. matt thought he said tilly and called him that for like 5 min. it was pretty great. to make a boring story short, i saw him after the show, he gave me his bands demo, and we all listened to it. it was pretty cool.. i thought i would give them a plug on the old blogaroo.


love always,


Let is snow baby, let it reindeer...

Pick one up. Stealing is only cool if youre named Ricky Henderson... or Otis Nixon, i will also accept Otis Nixon.

Love, Jon.

whos on first, i mean top, i mean....

Looks like i have a slight advantage over EVERYONE in fantasy football. I know that when you brag, karma comes back to bite you, but i think that the biting is ineveitble this season, so i am going to gloat my first place while i can.. at least to myself you bloggers... a screen shot to follow... wish me luck in the upcoming weeks.



the cheap motel pulled a fast one on me, and others..

upon waking in eau claire wisconsin for our cold and dreary day off, i noticed our hotel had a "game room." im not sure if this is listed as one of the amenities of the place, but i hope that no one brings there kids here simply for this "arcade." all the way from the bus, i noticed what is the second most recognizable symbol in all of the world, (of course the first being the superman S) the ghostbusters no ghost symbol... I immediately pictured in my head cashing in dollars for quarters and playing as egon until my cash well went dry. i was excited to say the least. upon further investigation of this arcade game, i realized that the once heavenly ghostbusters arcade game had been stripped of its ghostbusting guts and fitted with the lone rollerball from games such as golden tee. Now ive heard of some surgerys gone wrong, but having this priceless piece of the 80s gouged and transformed into a golden tee would have been a catastrophe. upon FURTHER investgation, i realized that this game was NOT turned into a golden tee, not a bowling game, not a deer hunter, or any other respectable bar side treat... but it was turned into a "shuffle Shot." i know, i am thinking the same thing... what is shuffle shot? well, it turns out it is some form of the senior citizen game shuffle board, only way lamer. my awesome day was shuffle shot down. the bright side is, i walked across the street to the mall and picked up eric powells action 866... i hate buying comics from waldenbooks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.... and i still have some cash to spare. Monday night football at applebees, here i come!

peace love and evil disguises...


help out some people you dont know...

check out ebay and bid on a bit of charity. Help us help you, or something....


Bid on two tickets and a meet and greet at an upcoming show of your choice... all proceeds go to the "Sweet relief musicians fund."

peace love and sweet, sweet, relief...


if the first is the worst, then this tour will be neat...

We have made it through the first week of the tour... we had a handful of awesome shows, and it has been rad getting to know and or reacquainted with everyone out here. i promise i will start blogging more come second week... We have our first day off tomorrow, and hoopes and i may play golf (weather permitting...). here are a few pics from the first week of shows.

Notice the beautiful guitars designed by the wonderful Paul Reed Smith.
(photos by andy. please no stealing)

Peace love and apple juice (its what im drinking)



In case you dont read our website...

After seven years of touring, recording, and rehearsing, Dave Douglas has decided to leave Relient K. His final show will be 12/29. As a part of Relient K, he has been an amazing drummer, singer, collaborator, and friend. Before Dave joined the band, we were plagued with drummer turnover. Although he was the fifth drummer in two years, the moment he joined was the first time we ever felt like a complete band. He will be missed on the stage and on the road, and we wish him all the best.

I know that there have been some rumors and speculation about my future in Relient K. I suppose I should clear that up. The time has, in fact, come for me to leave the band. This has been a very difficult decision, but I know that this is the right one. Relient K has been a huge part of my life and I'm sure that it is going to take a long time to get used to not being a part of the band any more. I've had a lot of good times, met a lot of great people, and been able to go a lot of places. it's been a blessing and a pleasure to work with Matt, Matt, John, and Jon. Also, I want to thank everyone else who has been involved with the band, especially those who have been on the road with us. Our fans are amazing and I want to thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm.

I am moving on to new music projects, and I hope that I will still have all of your support. Come the first of the year I will be devoting most of my time to Gypsy Parade . Feel free to look us up and say hi. Until then I will playing with Relient K, so I've got a few more shows left in me. I suppose that this is my "farewell tour." hopefully I, and the rest of Relient K, will see you at one of them.
Thanks to all of you.

-Dave Douglas

Well, as for me... i have known about this for a lot longer than most of you. I have done my best to shy away from emails about this until dave officially made a statement. I am glad that i have known dave for the many years i have known him, and even more glad i have been able to be a band mate of his for these past 3 years. we have had many good times, and many great times. he has, and always will be considered a true friend by me, and i wish him the best success and happiness that life has to offer.



sorry about being lazy

**i tried to post this yesterday, but the internet was too slow to load the page, sorry...**

hey guys.. i havent really posted anything since the tour started... i think its because i am getting into my "first week of tour" routine where i have to adjust my natural clock from waking up at 8 to waking up at 2... its just how it goes im afraid. i dont intend to stay up until 4 am every night, but it just happens that way... also, with the purchase of a wii, a football, and a dart board, there has been plenty of things to keep us occupied when we arent soundchecking our playing. I will post something with some meat sooner than later... thanks for everyone who has been coming out, i hope to get a chance to say hey to all of you guys...

til then,


Just as I am

My sister and brother in law have designed a clothing line called "just as i am" clothing. I know they are very excited about selling some shirts and turning part time into full time. Check them out at http://www.justasiamclothing.com

peace love and tshirts

and so it begins....

today is the first show of the appetite for construction tour with us, switchfoot, and ruth. i am looking forward to having a great time on the road, and seeing all of you guys out at shows. see you all soon!



One more time

We leave tonight for charleston WV for tour rehearsals for our co-headline tour with Switchfoot... the appetite for construction tour. should be a good time. i hope that all of you guys can make it out to at least one show, and some of you can make it out to 10. remember, let me know if youre gonna be there, and ill do my best to say hey.... i do my best to stick around and say hey after every show, but there are the occasions where i cant... i do hope to get to meet the bloggers i havent met yet, and see some familiar faces. ill do my best to keep the blog up on the road, so stay tuned.

peace love and playing shows,


Mcdlive tater bots

When you go to vote at Mcdlive.com now, there is a word verification box, which means that there may have been voting bots or something like that before.... obviously i dont know that and im not accusing anyone of anything, but alls im saying, is everyone who voted before, go back and vote some more, and maybe we can still pull this off... thanks for all of your support.

peace love and word boxes



World in White

I went to a show last night in the ville known as nash to see an old friends band play. I used to be in a band long ago with the front dude of this act, as well as a roommate for a while... Its always good to see old friends and see the art they are producing . I had no idea what to expect from the group, other than a three song EP i had, but i was really impressed... The band was really tight and the songs had great melodies... If you see them coming through your town, you should check them out.




tetting in gouch mith we

Just wanted to drop a blog in to my peeps and say that I get a lot of myspace message from a lot of people... I do my best to respond to each of them, but a lot of times i try to respond to my messages, and it wont let me because i am not someones friend, therefore it seems as if i am ignoring you. Well then, why dont i just add everyone? Well......I actually do use myspace to keep up with my close friends, so it is hard for me to keep up with everyone who adds me, so unfortunately i only add people that i know personally. If you are really interested in simply being my myspace friend, myspace.com/jonschneck is where to add me, and i will accept anyone, even spammers that want to give away 25 dollar macys gift cards... so if myspace is your deal, then go there...

I say all of this to say i am not ignoring you, sometimes it just doesnt let me respond. I am not asking you to change your settings, im just letting you know that if you dont get a response, that is probably why.

remember, the best way to get in touch with me is Jon@relientk.com... I enjoy everyones emails, and I do my best to get my inbox cleared once a week or so... i do my best to keep up with comments on here as well, so questions are always welcome.



dont make me settle for wendys...

Dont forget to vote at Mcdlive.com for your favorite band, and hopefully that is relient k... we are down in the standings as of right now, and thats okay with me... i was just reminding eveyone to vote. Thanks for your support.

peace, love, and dah dah dah dah dah....


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Jonny....

Im back from my cruise with my friends from the places and stuff. I did not sink, fall off, or get abducted on an island. Im gonna sleep for now, because I didnt sleep much with the rocking boat, but stay tuned.... more to come.