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peace love and snow-cones

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He Rows... He Rows

I do my best not to get involved in things, because once i get involved, i really get involved... I have been attempting to not watch any new TV shows because of my highly addictive personality, and my crazy schedule does not allow for me to keep up on a regular basis. BUT, after several friends informing me how much i would love the show heroes, I finally gave in and picked up season one. I typically watch tv shows in this fashoin, entirely in one or two sittings... I cant stand cliff hangers and will watch any spoiler on the internet... I am still amazed that LOST has held my attention for so long... I put a few episodes on my ipod last night and started watching them immediately after Eisley finished on Conan (they sounded really good ps). I had intended to watch one episode since it was so late, but i ended up watching all three, and contemplated going downstairs at 3 am and loading up a few more episodes. If you have never watched the show, its about several people from all over the world who realize they have special powers and thats about as far as ive gotten. one of the cool things about the show is one of my favorite comic book writers, jeph loeb, is one of the producers on the show. so far its awesome and i am hoping to get them all watched before the season 2 premier. at the rate im going, i dont think that will be a problem. enjoy the weekend gang, tgif and all that other stuff.



Probably the most important thing youll read all day...

okay, probably not, but i just wanted all you comic fans to know (in case you didnt already) that Eric Powells run on Action came out and is pretty cool. Im pretty sure hes doing a 4 book arc about bizzaros world... I havent really seen any of his other work other than The Goon, but it is really nice. Geoff johns and Richard Donner are providing the script so you cant go wrong with a team like that.... Anyways, it is definitely worth a look... check it, yo.



Whats better than cake? Ill tell you whats better than cake...

K-Teamer Amanda sent me over an email with this link to youtube... apparently some kteamers put some effort into making us a birthday video, so i thought id put in the effort to share it with everyone else... She even added in a clip from one of the very first podcasts i ever did for the matt hoopes birthday tour. Good call. Thanks so much for taking the time to do something like that for me, dave and matt. I know the other guys will surely appreciate it as well.

ps... that is like the 12th time someone has quoted me as saying the word bimbo in the RK/Switchfoot podcast where we all say how the tour is going to be, so for the record, its: Flip Boombastic double fantastic. Just wanted to clear that up.

peace love and waxy waxy candles



Welcome to the Block, I mean blog...

It appears my good friend matt thiessen has decided to join the blogging community, I wish to present you, matthewthiessen.blogspot.com.

In a related story, hits on jon schnecks blog plummet.... blah blah



Two or day czar upon duh web cite

Check out www.relientk.com to see where we are going on the "appetite for construction" tour, our co-headline with switchfoot, featuring ruth... Should be a sweet tour with a lot of good friends. I hope that you guys all come out to a show and say hey. see you for now.



Oh yeah one more thing...

Jeff Wilson updated his blog address if any of you care to know...


it is also linked in the sidebar.



ilife or istrife?

strife |strīf| noun: angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict : strife within the community | | ethnic and civil strife.

I fundamentally disagree with the new imovie, which is a part of ilife 08. My friend matt thiessen (you may have heard of him) called me the other day asking if i knew how to do something in the new imovie, which i hadnt really played around with at the time... his request made me import some clips and tool around a bit.

Summary of my findings:

I personally think that apple has made a bold move to dumb down imovie just enough to thrill the baby boomers editing videos of their vacation to Ypsilanti over the 4th of july holiday, and put out hobby-esque video editors just enough to make them go out and buy final cut express. from a kiss like business stand point, well done apple. from my heart... poop. the new imovie will still get your job done and you can still make cool podcasts (which i hopefully will start doing again on this tour), but for the most part, i will inevitably miss 07s version like mike vick will inevitably miss the ablilty to pee with the door closed.

I still have a few shows to review so stay tooned, doods.


For Jeff Wilson

Eric Powell totally sent me a message on myspace.


sell eb rat tee brrr the days

Well, I guess you know you made it when you are mentioned in the same context as Patrick Swayze... for all you young bucks out there IMDB his mug and you will have hours of netflixing fun. I thought this was funny so i decided to post. enjoy...


heres the link..


Happy Birthday To Me...

Today I turn 26. This marks the final year of my mid 20s. I am attempting to keep a positive view on getting older and Lindsay reminds me that we will have a wonderful time growing old together... All I can think about is gaining weight and losing hair. Good riddance twenty five... I didnt like ya anyhow...


i threw in this pic of when i was younger and carefree, skateboarding was important, and pearl jam was still putting out great records... i think i turned 15 here...

I guess im late on this, but i will share nonetheless...

Apparently there has been a surge of chocolate rain views in the past year, over 6 million to be exact... i was unfortunately unaware of this magical masterpiece of original art... This kid has been on jimmy kimmel, and john mayer covered this tune... please enjoy this as much as i did.



Come to a RK show and this could happen to you...



Mae-be i like it, Mae-be i don't...

My review of mae's newest release "Singularity."

Well i must start off by admiting that i am a huge fan of this band, so my opinion of this record will more than likely be skewed by my love of their music as well as my friendships with the members of this band. I feel like when you are really great friends with a band and they put out a record, its kind of like when a dad looks at a kids fingerpaintings and no matter how great it is, there are certain levels of love just because you know the emotions that went into making the art, or in this case, the record. I will do my best to not sound like a superfan.

The record was recored at the same studio where we did our last record, and with the same bunch of producers and engineers. Its kind of cool to be able to listen to a record and know exactly what amp was used and where the vocal was done... if you watch our studio podcasts and maes, you will notice what i am talking about.

overall, i think this record is a great jump for mae. i feel like the songwriting has taken another huge step in a forward motion. the lyrics are relevant and interesting, and the music is recognizably mae. The Chord changes always leave you guessing, and the guitars are complimented by great piano and synth melodies. Dave did a great job with the lyrics and melodies on this record. I can definitely see everyones influence in this project.

I think that the record is perfect departure from the everglow. It is distinctive but new. I think that mae fans will love this record, and i think that people who have never heard mae will learn to love this band. well done.

key tracks for me:
Brink of disaster
Sometimes i cant make it alone
sic semper tyrannis

Remember to pick up a copy of this record at your local music store (like i did) and not download it from the world wide inter web. and if you did download it, thats okay, but go buy it or else great bands like mae wont be able to continue to put out music for all of us to enjoy.




Kearneys, flat tires, in a NY state of mind...

Yesterday we played a show in gorgeous clifton park NY. at least the half vacant strip mall the club northern lights is in is... We are veterans of this club, i think this marks the 3rd or 4th time we have played there in the past few years. As usual, the kids that came out were awesome. this was the first radio sponsored event that we played, and the first time we have played there not being on tour. We got to play with a fellow nashvillian Matt Kearney( matkearney.com) and let me tell you he is easy on the eyes. His guitar player is a former band mate of mine, but unfortunately, he wasnt attending due to the fact that matt played acousticlyyyy. It was cool to see matt though. we are in some sort of a marina parking lot right now looking for a new tire for our trailer because i think we have blown at least 2 on this trip. we usually carry two spares, but we are going through them like john warne goes through apple products. needless to say, our dependable bus driver is getting the job done and we are off to play our show with Chris Daughtry. This will be our second american idol contestant show, our other was with katharin mchpee. I bet chris dances better though... well just have to wait and see. til then..



It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine....

I just saw this trailer for the new animated Superman Movie that is coming out exactly one month after my b-day.... otherwise it would be the perfect present, from MYSELF... A S:TAS take on the best selling graphic novel (and for the schneck trivians, my favorite comic of all time-- superman 75) of all times... The wait is almost over... Check out the trailer...

cool, huh?



An old friend written up, this time it wasnt the principal...

My childhood chum Zach from the band Mae had a nice write up in our hometown paper. For those of you who didnt know, or didnt care to know, or just didnt care period, Zach and I grew up together outside of Orlando where we learned to love pearl jam and record on my dads tascam 8 track machine. Those were the days... Anyways, heres the article...

Mae is a major-label artist now, with Singularity out Aug. 14 on Capitol Records, after two buzz-generating releases on indie Tooth & Nail.

That's a good news-bad news situation, says guitarist Zach Gehring.

"There's two things, one positive and one that's different, not negative," says Gehring, who will perform with the band Tuesday at the Social. "The positive is that we've just got more time and more money to write. We got to rent a house in south Virginia Beach, a massive house along the beach. We never had time to do that before because we were always touring, and we never had the money.
"Now we were at this house with designated writing time, so we were a lot more focused. We recorded all the ideas, guitar riffs and melodies and within a couple of days, we had a dry-erase board with song ideas.

"We had a blast, but we didn't get the deposit back. There were some air-pellet-gun wars, and it was awesome."

The flip side: Capitol, if you hadn't heard, is a big operation.

"At Tooth & Nail, we had contact with three or four people that we knew personally, so you would talk to them about stuff even if you weren't talking about business. On a major label, you have so many people to deal with that you're just aware of the fact that it's a job more than anything else for them.

"I get frustrated sometimes because it seems so impersonal. All these people have a hand in what you're doing, but you can't really talk to them. Just obvious differences that you know about going into it. I mean, you pick your battles, and you're not an idiot, you know signing with Capitol it's gonna be different."

With the luxury of time, the members of Mae concocted a bigger rock sound for Singularity, a departure from the soaring ballads that defined Destination: Beautiful (2003) and The Everglow (2005). Rob Sweitzer's keyboards, which flavored songs such as "We're So Far Away," are submerged in new material such as the hard-charging "Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone."

Gehring, who left Orlando's Unsung Zeroes to join Mae for The Everglow, says changes are part of a natural transition.

"Whenever I saw the band live, it was always more energetic, guitar-driven and raw," he says. "We didn't set out to write songs that are different. It's a progression for us. The keyboards are there, and Rob's influence is all over the record. I think it's the best representation of us ever. With every record, it's going to be different."

With his Central Florida roots, Gehring is looking forward to another homecoming experience in Orlando. In addition to the Social concert, the band will be playing an in-store on Monday at Park Avenue CDs, and Gehring also looks forward to hanging out at old haunts such as Bar-B-Q Bar.

A patron of the old Park Avenue CDs in Winter Park, Gehring is adjusting to the new one on Corrine Drive.

"I liked the location in Winter Park a little better than this one, but this one's bigger, so I like that."

Gehring also likes the changes he sees in Mae. The album title, Singularity, refers to the "ultimate unknowable in science," which reflects healthy ambiguity in the creative process, he says.

"It's exciting, searching every level of the band and ourselves," he says. "Singularity represents every level of that."



RK on the Simpsons?

No, we are not, but it would be cool, eh? Kara took it upon herself to post what she thinks we would look like if we were on the show. She simpsonized us for sure. Thanks, Kara.


Its official

My good friend Sam and I have officially started collaborating on a graphic novel/comic book (We havent decided yet) and hope to complete it within the next millennium. In all honesty, i dont have any sort of time frame on this, but we have started putting the pieces together to what seems like an amazing story involving a lot of different ideas. I will let you guys in on some stuff as it comes together... sketches and things like that. so stay tuned, and i will keep everyone posted. adios.