Whats better than cake? Ill tell you whats better than cake...

K-Teamer Amanda sent me over an email with this link to youtube... apparently some kteamers put some effort into making us a birthday video, so i thought id put in the effort to share it with everyone else... She even added in a clip from one of the very first podcasts i ever did for the matt hoopes birthday tour. Good call. Thanks so much for taking the time to do something like that for me, dave and matt. I know the other guys will surely appreciate it as well.

ps... that is like the 12th time someone has quoted me as saying the word bimbo in the RK/Switchfoot podcast where we all say how the tour is going to be, so for the record, its: Flip Boombastic double fantastic. Just wanted to clear that up.

peace love and waxy waxy candles