He Rows... He Rows

I do my best not to get involved in things, because once i get involved, i really get involved... I have been attempting to not watch any new TV shows because of my highly addictive personality, and my crazy schedule does not allow for me to keep up on a regular basis. BUT, after several friends informing me how much i would love the show heroes, I finally gave in and picked up season one. I typically watch tv shows in this fashoin, entirely in one or two sittings... I cant stand cliff hangers and will watch any spoiler on the internet... I am still amazed that LOST has held my attention for so long... I put a few episodes on my ipod last night and started watching them immediately after Eisley finished on Conan (they sounded really good ps). I had intended to watch one episode since it was so late, but i ended up watching all three, and contemplated going downstairs at 3 am and loading up a few more episodes. If you have never watched the show, its about several people from all over the world who realize they have special powers and thats about as far as ive gotten. one of the cool things about the show is one of my favorite comic book writers, jeph loeb, is one of the producers on the show. so far its awesome and i am hoping to get them all watched before the season 2 premier. at the rate im going, i dont think that will be a problem. enjoy the weekend gang, tgif and all that other stuff.