ilife or istrife?

strife |strīf| noun: angry or bitter disagreement over fundamental issues; conflict : strife within the community | | ethnic and civil strife.

I fundamentally disagree with the new imovie, which is a part of ilife 08. My friend matt thiessen (you may have heard of him) called me the other day asking if i knew how to do something in the new imovie, which i hadnt really played around with at the time... his request made me import some clips and tool around a bit.

Summary of my findings:

I personally think that apple has made a bold move to dumb down imovie just enough to thrill the baby boomers editing videos of their vacation to Ypsilanti over the 4th of july holiday, and put out hobby-esque video editors just enough to make them go out and buy final cut express. from a kiss like business stand point, well done apple. from my heart... poop. the new imovie will still get your job done and you can still make cool podcasts (which i hopefully will start doing again on this tour), but for the most part, i will inevitably miss 07s version like mike vick will inevitably miss the ablilty to pee with the door closed.

I still have a few shows to review so stay tooned, doods.