Mae-be i like it, Mae-be i don't...

My review of mae's newest release "Singularity."

Well i must start off by admiting that i am a huge fan of this band, so my opinion of this record will more than likely be skewed by my love of their music as well as my friendships with the members of this band. I feel like when you are really great friends with a band and they put out a record, its kind of like when a dad looks at a kids fingerpaintings and no matter how great it is, there are certain levels of love just because you know the emotions that went into making the art, or in this case, the record. I will do my best to not sound like a superfan.

The record was recored at the same studio where we did our last record, and with the same bunch of producers and engineers. Its kind of cool to be able to listen to a record and know exactly what amp was used and where the vocal was done... if you watch our studio podcasts and maes, you will notice what i am talking about.

overall, i think this record is a great jump for mae. i feel like the songwriting has taken another huge step in a forward motion. the lyrics are relevant and interesting, and the music is recognizably mae. The Chord changes always leave you guessing, and the guitars are complimented by great piano and synth melodies. Dave did a great job with the lyrics and melodies on this record. I can definitely see everyones influence in this project.

I think that the record is perfect departure from the everglow. It is distinctive but new. I think that mae fans will love this record, and i think that people who have never heard mae will learn to love this band. well done.

key tracks for me:
Brink of disaster
Sometimes i cant make it alone
sic semper tyrannis

Remember to pick up a copy of this record at your local music store (like i did) and not download it from the world wide inter web. and if you did download it, thats okay, but go buy it or else great bands like mae wont be able to continue to put out music for all of us to enjoy.