Kearneys, flat tires, in a NY state of mind...

Yesterday we played a show in gorgeous clifton park NY. at least the half vacant strip mall the club northern lights is in is... We are veterans of this club, i think this marks the 3rd or 4th time we have played there in the past few years. As usual, the kids that came out were awesome. this was the first radio sponsored event that we played, and the first time we have played there not being on tour. We got to play with a fellow nashvillian Matt Kearney( matkearney.com) and let me tell you he is easy on the eyes. His guitar player is a former band mate of mine, but unfortunately, he wasnt attending due to the fact that matt played acousticlyyyy. It was cool to see matt though. we are in some sort of a marina parking lot right now looking for a new tire for our trailer because i think we have blown at least 2 on this trip. we usually carry two spares, but we are going through them like john warne goes through apple products. needless to say, our dependable bus driver is getting the job done and we are off to play our show with Chris Daughtry. This will be our second american idol contestant show, our other was with katharin mchpee. I bet chris dances better though... well just have to wait and see. til then..