To junk, or not to junk...

I just went through my junk email folder, and I realized that I had a lot of emails from friends and fans that had been misdirected to the spam category... there was well over 1000 emails in my folder, so I didnt have time to go through all of them and see which ones were real, and which ones were people trying to sell me prescription medicine and cell phone ringtones... so if you wrote me an email at jon@relientk.com, and never got a response, then that is the most likely explination of what happened, because I do try to get to them all, and respond... Also, on another note, I have been seeing kids after shows and a large percent have been asking me to post the picture I take with them on my blog, so I am assuming that more and more people are reading this, so I guess I should start posting more often. Anyways, sorry about the emails, and thanks for reading, I will try to get some substance up here soon. See you guys later!