I'm Sorry Momma...

Well, today I was cleaning out my closet, and I found some things that brought a bit of laughter to the grimace that comes along with hauling boxes to the attic. I felt the need to share. The first pic is one of some picks that I found in a change jar. Here we have one of the dudes in Zwan that I got from my friend Jay who was a tech for them. Then theres the Tyler Burkum of Audio A fame... The legendary Mike from MxPx... and possibly the most random, a pick from the now dissolved band The Benjamin Gate. Also in there was a button with some piano keys that reads "be positive." I shall wear it proudly, and in turn people will inevitable be filled with joy. Then I opened a box that did not look very familar, and what did I find but a box of at least 200 album covers for the record Mmhmm... I don't remember if I was supposed to sign these or something, but I'm sure if I was, the people who were going to recieve them have long forgotten because they have been in my closet for at least a year and a half. I'm pretty sure they were just extras. Anyways, I found these items funny and thought I would share a few things that randomly occupied my now very clean closet.