New Sketch, Good friends...

Yo dudes. Just hanging out in Portland for the day. Were about to play our show. I met some peoples (Hallie and her friends) earlier over at the record store across the street where I picked up the new NIN record... I'll post my review soon... I'm only half way through it. I came back here, did a quick sketch, which i plan to finish later, of a sweet dude rocking out, and then the dudes from mae hopped in a quick photobooth shot. Tomorrow is a day off in Boise so check back, because I will probably have nothing to do but blog all day. Got a lot of new fan/friend pics to post, and a few books/cds to review. I havent done a review on my blog since the days over at the iweb address... Im sure everyones excited, wait, do crickets chirping mean excitement? Alright, I have go to play a show. bye.