Avril's "New One" Review

This record starts off with the catchy single "girlfriend" and stays unbelievably good until the 8th or 9th track, then ends with the song "keep holding on" which is a pretty good tune. I feel like the album title on this one kinda sums up the feel of this record... strategically placed expletives that enforce the "attitude" of the punk princess. There are plenty of four letters throughout, even a few f bombs here and there. I believe that there is a "clean" version of this record, but I'm not sure which words they take out for those anymore. It seems to me like she has been spinning Gwen Stefani's record lately, and listening to hip hop or something, because she starts a few songs with cadence type talk-raps that probably go over really well live. She actually does the whole gimme and A, gimme a V and so on spelling out her name with clever answers for each letter. There are also a few screaming parts that I'm not sure if she's joking, or being serious... Anyways, this record is primo bubble gum punk pop rock to a tee. It will definitely leave you with some songs stuck in your head, whether or not thats a good thing, I dunno... I think I still like "let go" a little bit better, but aside from the (in my opinion)seemingly forced dirty words, it's a good record. I guess some kids will probably like it just for that reason, and maybe thats what she was going for.

Highlights for me -- When youre gone, Girlfriend, Keep Holding on--