NIN year zero review

I just picked up the NIN year zero record while i was in Portland, OR. I dont think i can really say much more about this record that hasnt already been said, so i will just tell you whether or not i like it.... i like it. Obviously it is a huge anti war concept record, and the marketing on this one was done with no stone left unturned, so your opinion towards that situation could have a great effect on your perception of the disc. Politics and religion aside, for the moment, i think this is still going to be a fan piece. If you havent ever like NIN, i dont think this record is going to change your mind. However, if you do like NIN, which i do, then you will probably want to add this one to your collection. Reznor does a great job performing on this album. His musicianship has always been amazing, and he is one of my favorite producers, and this is right up to par. As far as his stabs at politics and religion go... I am the type of person who can listen to a piece and regardless of their views, can appreciate the music, and respect their freedom of speech, just as many people do with our band. I dont really feel like getting into a political debate over a record, but i will say that if you have a problem with anti bush and anti war lyrics, than this probably isnt for you. There is a cool feature on this disc that you have probably heard of... When you put the all black disc into a hot computer, when you take it out, it has a beautiful design of off white goodness... pretty cool thermal technology. To sum it up... I dont think this will make anyone who didnt like NIN previously convert to a fan, but it is another solid record from Trent.


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