The Sacrifice of Love

Well, as most of you know, Feb. 14th is Valentines day. For me, it is my least favorite holiday... not in the sense that i dont like doing something special for my wife, but I just dont like being forced to because of commercialism. I feel like the chocolate, greeting card, and flower industry has a monopoly on this day and it is embedded in our minds that if we dont purchase these three things for our significant other, than we dont really love them, or whatever... It reminds me of this situation with the trash pickup service in my neighborhood. We move into this house, and they tell us that its a pleasant place to live, and to look at the beautiful flowers, and theyre nice, and they say to look at the nicely paved roads, which ride well, and say look at how happy your neighbors are, which most would appear, but then once we sign the papers and buy our house, they begin to tell us that i have to pay 83 dollars a month to keep my 5X5 patch of front yard weed wacked, and if we want trash pickup, we have to use this one service, and they can charge whatever they want, becuase they have an agreement... well, i went as long as i could, but one month while i was on the road, Lindsay, bless her heart, got tired of the smell, so she signed us up. My point is, i dont like situations where we are forced into things because we have to. If Valentines day was a holiday of gesture, or actual thought, then i wouldnt be so upset. While i was at the grocery store yesterday, it was a mad rush for all the collared shirts to find the 50 cent balloon with the most air in it... my point is that I feel like its just another day where the media has told us we have to buy candy or were not a good mate. That and the fact that everyone says im cheap and angry... Well, I didnt buy any flowers, or a red heart shaped box, but i cooked dinner for Lindsay... I even destroyed TWO copies of Superman 75, IV printings to make the menu. I know that to most of you that doesnt seem like much, and im not patting myself on the back, but it is my favorite comic of all times... I do have 7 more of the same issue, but still... My point in all of this, as a man, try to do something thoughtful for your love, and not buy a bag of hearts with letters on it because you feel like the t.v. made you.