Its almost here

I just recieved for the first time, an actual copy of our record... I am very excited for this record to finally be released, for more than one reason. First of all, we put a lot of hard work, and time into arranging the songs, and working them out in and out of the studio. We finished recording the record back in September, so it has been waiting to be heard for a long time now. Also, this being the first full length that i have been a part of (see also apathetic ep), I finally have a sense of pride to go along with my liking of all of the other RK LPs. I also think that in the vein of mmhmm, the writing was once again taken to the next level, as well as the production, and musicianship. I am very proud of this record, and cant wait for it to be released... check your rk mac widget for those specs :)