I am about to lose LOST

I'm getting a little upset that my favorite tv show has taken a dive straight into the toilet. I have been waiting to catch up on several shows because I am investing my every emotion (that i have allotted to tv) into this show... well, im about to ditch it and invest my jon stock into a little 401 k called heroes if next week is as booooooring as this week. First of all, they said they were going to answer three of losts biggest answers... I dont think so. if letting us know that the people from the tail section were still alive was answering one of the biggest mysteries, then the writers are very confused as to what we think are big mysteries. Lets recap the show... a horribly boring jackback (which makes like 10) that did no character devolopment whatsoever, a new "sherrif" that we can add to the list of things we dont know about this show... more manipulation from the others and Jack... no beach scenes... Kate and Sawyer let Carl go and didnt even ask him one single question about who they were... my word. Then they ended the show with a series of shots where everyone was in love....gah... Then we were left with a preview saying we couldn't miss next week, just like we couldn't miss this week, and as if theyre really going to kill Charlie... ugh... This is definately the show i love to hate, but I am leaning more towards the latter right now.