Eat your heart out Lex...

I have always been a little disgusted at the way that warner brothers has decided to depict Lex Luthor, the great adversary of Superman. He never makes funny jokes and has silly horn music playing when he enters a room in the comic book world... He is angry, and hates Superman, at least most the time... Smallville has gotten closest... my point is i came across this fan made trailer of a movie that has never been made, called "Grayson." Dick Grayson, was the original robin in the Batman comic books... after he was the boy wonder, he went on to be known as Nightwing, and was replaced by a few others, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake... Anyways, The person who made this trailer, in my opinion, got the mood of all of the characters down pat. I really wish this movie had been made, cause i think it would have been an awesome story... instead they make ghost rider. Check it out.