watch me blog

well, i talked to my sister this morning and she said she was tired of looking at my blog about kings quest, so i thought i would blog today. I dont have much to talk about, thats why i havent been blogging very much lately... i guess i could tell you things that are boring about my day that arent funny or clever... i guess thats what blogging is, isnt it? anyways, i did find a watch on ebay that i had when i was in 7th grade... and i found one that had never been worn. only cost me 25 bucks. came in the original packaging and everything. good deal. so i got that going for me, which is nice. we are in the studio right now recording our EP that is shaping up quite nicely. i cant wait to hear these songs finished. they are shaping up nicely. i will post more later if i can muster up something to type that wont make people drool on their keyboards because they are falling asleep from my boring power blogging. alright. peace in the middle east.

peace love and swatches.