Gears of war

Hi. How are you? Im fine thanks. Well, i wanted to let you guys know that i am proud to announce that i will now exclusively be using peavey electronics amps and wireless gear on my journeys with relient k. I have recently joined the peavey team and will be representing them with their Penta series head and 4x12 cab, as well as the JSX 2x12 combo and 4x12 cab. I will also be using their Pro Comm Guitar wireless system so i can dance freely without tripping myself. I am very excited about this partnership and i the people i am working with couldnt be greater. I sort of stumbled upon this relationship, but once i heard the amps, i was sold. The Penta is one of the coolest amps I have heard in a long time. It has five settings that takes you through the different gain stages of the amp. from clean all the way to that mid scooped metal. It has two settings that are very reminiscent of classic 50 watt british type amps... it has el34s and sounds really cool. The cab is ported and sounds very tight and clear. The JSX 212 is a very cool little combo. Its the size of a fender twin and has an amazing clean tone as well as killer spring verb. It has a crunch and an ultra channel that give you plenty of head room for all the tube gain you may want. Its 4x12 cab that can make it a very cool looking 6x12 rig has custom speakers and a mic output that sends a true signal that sounds just like the cab is being micd. Look for this stuff this year when we are out on warped as well as the second half of 08. hope to see you guys out there... check out the gear at www.peavey.com.

peace love and peaveyyyy...