Kings Quest

after a long and painful (only to john warne) journey, i have finally managed to get the classic sierra games on mac osx. its possible that you are reading this and saying, "oh jeez, thats not difficult" but it was for me... i have tried everything, even installing parallels and windows and installing remakes, but the screen size was the size of a postage stamp due to the resolution of my screen.... no good. well, with a program called scummVM i was able to install the classic os versions of such games as kings quest, police quest, space quest, and some other fun games that play full screen on my 17 inch mbp just fine. it has brought me back to when i was a kid playing these games on our tandy computer. good times. if you need me, ill be in daventry searching under rocks and in cupboards. have a good day.

peace love and looking out for thieving trolls.