Josh wilson c deez

Hello all... Just dropping a blog today. Liam and i had our first outing alone... we spent an hour at the grocery store. we survived. I got a cd in the mail the other day that i played guitar and banjo on a while back. Dudes name is josh wilson and he is on sparrow records. The cd is pretty cool if you are into his style of music, the guitar on there is phenomenal. kidding. anyways, check it out if you have a minute or two, its called "trying to fit the ocean in a cup."

not much else going on right now, other than finishing up some recording (and by that i mean matt is finishing up some vocals), but the end product that i have heard is to my liking. it will be a good day when it is complete. I have also started writing for an idea i have for a cd thingy that i am interested in doing... i hope this isnt just one of those come and go things i usually do because i really want to get some stuff down that i have been thinking about for a long time, and i have gotten some sweet gear lately to use during this process... some PRS and baden guitars, as well as some nice tube peavey amps. yeah. alright. take it easy.

peace love and having a good day...