We'll miss you...

There are certain people in everyones life, where whether or not they mean to, they totally change the course of their destiny. There was one such guy that had a career changing, location changing, and life changing impact on me. When i was 18 or so, one of my best friends from high school called me out of the blue and asked me if i wanted to move to Nashville to live with him and his mom. I quickly obliged and less than a week later i moved up to tennessee to live with them. It was that phone call that opened so many doors for me... i met my wife here, ive met some of the most important people in my life here, i have an amazing job with great friends here, but it is a life that i may have never had was it not for one person who called me up one day and asked me to start a band with him... I got a sad phone call today and heard that he had passed away last night in a single car accident. I hadnt talked to him recently, but i will always remember him as one of my great friends that totally and entirely changed my life, whether he meant to or not... he was a son, a brother, a husband, and a father. too young to leave us, but his time on earth has sadly passed. Ill always remember the first time i drove up here and he welcomed me with a calzone from the pizza joint where he was working, and we immediately went to his house to set up what little music gear we had. gosh that seems like an eternity ago... love ya buddy. rest well, and ill see you again someday.

Lane Pauli III

peace, love, and remembering great friends...