happy valentines day

today is a day when you are supposed to reflect on things you love. i could list a million things on here, starting with my god, my wife and going on down the list, but that would just bore you more than anything, so i wont... i will however reflect on something that i love that will not be with us much longer. my friend kenny from invisible children brought to my attention that Polaroid is closing its doors to the factory that makes its instant film and cameras. now most of you are reading this and scratching your head and saying, you mean those things from the 80s? well, yes, those things from the 80s. i am also bummed because i just got a brand new polaroid for christmas this year. i hope its one of those situations like when i heard converse was going to stop making chucks about 6 or 7 years ago, so i went and bought 4 pairs, but then i found out they got bought out and continued making them... unfortunately, polaroid film is like a dollar a picture and i am sorta broke right now, so if this is the case, then i will not be able to continue my love for instantly viewing pictures that i took... hard copies anyhow. so hats off to you polaroid for making cool stuff, i just hope someone will buy enough to make you change your mind... for all the photographers, and artists, and people who still use date books...

full story >> http://money.aol.com/news/articles/_a/polaroid-closing-instant-film-factories/n20080208165009990009

happy valentines day
peace love and goin out of business..