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Just wanted to drop a blog in to my peeps and say that I get a lot of myspace message from a lot of people... I do my best to respond to each of them, but a lot of times i try to respond to my messages, and it wont let me because i am not someones friend, therefore it seems as if i am ignoring you. Well then, why dont i just add everyone? Well......I actually do use myspace to keep up with my close friends, so it is hard for me to keep up with everyone who adds me, so unfortunately i only add people that i know personally. If you are really interested in simply being my myspace friend, myspace.com/jonschneck is where to add me, and i will accept anyone, even spammers that want to give away 25 dollar macys gift cards... so if myspace is your deal, then go there...

I say all of this to say i am not ignoring you, sometimes it just doesnt let me respond. I am not asking you to change your settings, im just letting you know that if you dont get a response, that is probably why.

remember, the best way to get in touch with me is Jon@relientk.com... I enjoy everyones emails, and I do my best to get my inbox cleared once a week or so... i do my best to keep up with comments on here as well, so questions are always welcome.