the cheap motel pulled a fast one on me, and others..

upon waking in eau claire wisconsin for our cold and dreary day off, i noticed our hotel had a "game room." im not sure if this is listed as one of the amenities of the place, but i hope that no one brings there kids here simply for this "arcade." all the way from the bus, i noticed what is the second most recognizable symbol in all of the world, (of course the first being the superman S) the ghostbusters no ghost symbol... I immediately pictured in my head cashing in dollars for quarters and playing as egon until my cash well went dry. i was excited to say the least. upon further investigation of this arcade game, i realized that the once heavenly ghostbusters arcade game had been stripped of its ghostbusting guts and fitted with the lone rollerball from games such as golden tee. Now ive heard of some surgerys gone wrong, but having this priceless piece of the 80s gouged and transformed into a golden tee would have been a catastrophe. upon FURTHER investgation, i realized that this game was NOT turned into a golden tee, not a bowling game, not a deer hunter, or any other respectable bar side treat... but it was turned into a "shuffle Shot." i know, i am thinking the same thing... what is shuffle shot? well, it turns out it is some form of the senior citizen game shuffle board, only way lamer. my awesome day was shuffle shot down. the bright side is, i walked across the street to the mall and picked up eric powells action 866... i hate buying comics from waldenbooks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.... and i still have some cash to spare. Monday night football at applebees, here i come!

peace love and evil disguises...