Speed 2: Cruise Control

Good move Keanu..

Anyways, we (the members of the band relient k) are going on a cruise this week (you mean they actually hang out together?)... which will mean there wont be any new blog posts coming up anytime soon (seriously, theyre all friends?)... Thanks for everyone reading and participating in some commenting, i enjoy reading all of them. (i heard they didnt get along) I guess, as long as our ship stays afloat, i will be right back here in 8 days, or so... wish me luck as we will be doing a lot of unnatural traveling (flying, boating)... I will send each and everyone of you a postcard from the Caribbean, even you.. yes YOU... (im glad they all like each other) if you dont get it by wednesday, dont blame me, blame the post office.

peace love and heres to hoping someone will still read this thing after a week long hiatus....