Review of Superman Doomsday

First, ill give my non spoiler review. I loved it.

Okay, and now for my review, may contain spoilers.
First of all, ill start out by saying that that 75 is my all time favorite issue and the comic that pulled me to DC over from marvel. with that being said, I was really anxious to see how they were going to adapt the screen play. I knew that they were not going to do the full on death and return with the four imposters, and the funeral for a friend story, because there just wasnt enough time for them to pull that off, so i couldnt wait to see what the plot was going to be. The movie starts out with the origin of doomsday coming from a bc space ship that lexcorp discovers while digging for new forms of power. once doomsday (who is never referred to as doomsday) is revealed, he goes on his killing rampage straight away. the fight scenes were amazing, it was great full page action just like in 75. the art wasnt as good, but i let that slide. superman and doomsday both die within the first 20 min. of the movie... the title may have been called superman's doomsday, or day of doom or something like that, cause the actual doomsday character wasnt in it very much... thats okay with me though. once the death and funeral stuff happens, lex clones supes from a drop of blood found at the fight scene and there is a triumphant "retrurn of superman." This is similar to the superboy leg of the four imposters in the comics. I think it was the most logical choice for continuity. I wont spoil everything, superman eventually comes back and there is another great fight between the real mullet sporting superman, and his confused clone. The movie is kind of a fight sandwhich, with some love stories as the meat and mayo. If you are a fan of S:TAS and the comics, i dont think that you will be dissapointed. The story is good enough on its own to get past the art if you are not a fan of the animated series. my FAVORITE part of the movie is when "superman" returns and is fighting toyman, and sure enough, a giant spider appears in the third act. some of you will not know what i am talking about (see youtube "kevin smith on superman") Its a slap in the face to john peters, who was going to remake the original superman with nick cage and tim burton.. kevin smith wrote a screen play and the producer john peters told him there had to be a giant spider in it... right after supes defeats the spider, there is a cameo of kevin smith and he calls the scene lame. it was very clever writing.

Fan or not, i think it is an entertaining movie... if youre not into the story, theres enough action to sustain you, and if you are, its a decent enough plot, and the writing is pretty great.

peace love and dvds