My heart yearns, i mean burns... I mean i have heartburn.

We are in Hollywood CA right now... We played an acoustic radio show yesterday, and were heading out in a bit to play a show with the goo goo dolls. weird, eh? its always strange to me when we get to play shows with bands that i have been a fan of for so long. I am pretty excited about this one.

Last night we all went over to Mel's diner on hollywood and highland. the have the worlds best chili, in my opinion. I always get way too much food there and feel awful about an hour afterwards. it was well worth the pain.

After mels, i got to see some of my buddies from the band over it. Ryan and Nick came and hung out... I think some of the guys went to sing karaoke but ethan and i just chilled at the hotel. i read some comics that i picked up from Meltdown comics on sunset blvd... i walked in and saw several 25 cent racks... oh yes.... thats four for a quarter. new titles too, boy was i in heaven.

Were about to head out to the show. til then,

peace love and quarters.

check out our website and read about our McDonalds promotion... anyone who knows me knows that i am stoked about this. Vote for us and vote often. Boo ya.