My wife said I was acting kind of sketchy...

I got bored the other day so i decided to do a sketch... I havent had a ton of time to draw and color lately, but i hope to get back to it once i hit the road again. The road always offers me a plethora of free time to do things like this... I decided to sketch ole supes and this is my interpretation of an old bogdanove pose, from the "death of" era... inked with a few sharpies and colored in photoshop... i tried to make it look a little gritty; super clean art is cool, but i just decided to go another way. anyways, the sketch was very rough and quick, but i just thought id post since i havent put much art up here in a while. The book that Sam and I were working on got put on hold due to our watching of the trailer to the movie "gabriel." It turns out our idea wasnt original enough, and someone decided to go and make a movie about the same thing, haha. oh well, we have some other ideas that we are exploring.

pencils, inks, and colors...

peace, love, and CS3

PS maybe some of you artists out there can help me out... anyone know a good kind of paper/lead that doesnt smudge a ton and holds the lead in the paper? i just typically sketch in an academie heavy weight sketch diary, but my sketches always get super smudged, and after about a week of carrying it around, the pages rub together and get pretty messy. any tips?