six flags

Well... you have to take this post with a grain of salt, because anything i say may or may not be made up due to hallucinations caused by over exposure to bus "smell." boy was i on the bus a long time this weekend... i think around 48 hours of my life has been wasted. we went from nashville, to ohio, to the mass/connecticut border, which is like 1200 miles or something crazy, played a 30 min show, and turned around and came back. you may think that i am complaining about the life that i lead, which i am not, but this was the proverbial thorn in my side trip. on the other hand, it was one of the best theme park experiences of my life! ill start from the beginning... we rode up to the show for like a thousand hours, then we played the show, which was with katharine mcphee from idolonfox.com, and dashboard confessional.... the show was alright, there were like 8 kids that knew one other song than be my escape, but it was great to play for them, and introduce some kids to our stuff.... katharine mcphee played, and her backing tracks started skipping after the 4th song, so she had to quit... it was funny.... then dashboard played and they sounded really good... chris can really hit "that" note.... the high one i mean. anyways, after all the boring show stuff was done, we got to the good part. Dashboard's camp somehow arranged to keep the park open after everyone had left, and we basically had the park to ourselves... it was amazing. there was 17 of us that went around to every ride, and rode til our hearts were content. we rode the sweet "hero" rides like batman and superman, and we even got to ride them twice without getting out of our seats.... very cool... at one point i was sitting next to chris carabba and he asked me if i was ready to die, and we came to the agreement that we both would be okay if the ricketty fair type spinny thing collapsed on us... looking back, i was not ready, but the question was sprung so quickly... sorry for lying... then hoopes, joshy, and myself finshed off the night with that thing that looks like the st louis arch and it pulls you back and swings you down and back and forth a few times... you know what i mean? anyways, it was cool... we had a great time. the bands that i met were some of the nicest people i have ever met in the music biz. thanks for everyone that came out, and hope to see you at our next radio event. peathout.