Blog wars...

hey guys... im going to ask you guys a favor, and that is, if you read my blog about the dude who doesnt agree with our band, and have been posting on his blog... im gonna ask you guys to try to let this play itself out... i have gotten tons of emails from people about this, and its just a rediculous situation. i did my best to put an end to it over there, but it keeps on going... im not mad at anyone, i am thankful that so many people support our band... its just obvious that we disagree and its just a punching contest... i have a few friends that have said their replies didnt post, and one of mine has been removed, so i assmue he is putting his spin on the replies anyways... thanks for your support... there are people who dont agree with us... its not the end of the world... he isnt the first and wont be the last... as long as i feel that i am doing what i should be doing, im gonna keep on keepin on... thanks for your support, and for understanding.