The End is NEAR!!!! uhh, i mean HERE.

As of right now, it is officially the last day of this tour. We are playing in atlanta later today to conclude the "wanna see relient k, mae? sherwood!" tour. First off, i want to say thanks for everyone who came out to see us play on this tour. We had such a great time spending those 75 minutes with you each and every night. I hope that you know i am being sincere. even on a bad night, we enjoy every second of it. Keep an eye glued to our tour page on the web site to see what we are doing later this year. I of course, already know, but i cant say anything, or id have to kill you... then you couldnt come see us. I will probably take a little break from the blog for now... Thanks to everyone who reads this every day... its so cool that i can voice a bit of my life with you guys on the web. Ill probably post a mega picture post after tomorrows show, then take at least a week off to relax at home with my wife and dogs. As far as my big announcement.... WEELLLLLLLL... I had such high hopes for this, but it didnt quite pan out the way i had hoped. I was planning a side project that may or may not have been a joke, with Ethan Luck who has been on the road with us this summer. We had such big plans to record some songs that we had worked up, but we never got to do them.... so, unfortunately, i may have had some people worried for a sort of joke that never really came to fruition. And for that, i am kinda but not really sorry. :) I do appreciate all the emails that i got from people concerned that i was quitting. I must say, some of you had some crazy ideas about what you were sure i was going to be doing! Anyways... thanks again for a great tour, and i hope to see you guys this summer, and eventually this fall, when we are touring with................... not yet! you will learn soon enough. see you guys later!