you mean its all free?

if i would have known they had graphic novels at the library, i would have joined up years ago. thats all im going to say about that. im not sure why they had them in the kids section though...

so yesterday i joined the nashville davidson county public library, edmonson branch. it was a good time all around. you can check out 25 books at a time for free. they must hope that all of these people are honest cause a crook could make out big time in a place like this. they also have movies and cds. these items are also free to check out for anyone at anytime. if people knew about this i think that blockbuster would not be as popular as it is right now. did i mention its free? anyways, am going to go back often so that i stay up on my reading of any kind of book that i want. this blog made no sense.

peace love and free books