Eyem Stil Hear

'Ello blogateers. Just a post to let you know that I am still alive and kickin it. I have been very busy in the past few weeks, not leaving me too much time to blog. We finished up the year strong, we had a great last show with dave, and it was a lot of fun to be able to send him off on such a good note and a fun time. I have some fun stuff planned for the next week or so in terms of blogging, i hope that you will stick around to see. I dont want to be specific in case i dont get around to it, and then you will call me fire pants. Anyways, i hope you are all having a great new year, i have already broken every single resolution that i made, and it is not even a week into the new year. i kind of feel like crap because of it, i guess i need dave to bet me a thousand dollars and i can pretty much do anything. maybe i will call him tomorrow... anyways, keep an eye out for some fun over here, and i will blog atcha later.

a few pics of daves last show, silly string and all...

please dont steal these w/out permission... courtesy of Ethan Luck. I mean it, if it see it on your avatar, you owe ethan a million bucks.

peace, love, and depressing realizations that one single new day on a calendar can not change you as a person as much as you would like it to, with a cherry on top.