oh that walt disney...

Well, last night at around 7 o clock lindsay and i finshed our 13 hour drive back from disney in orlando. We spent the week down there with 14 other (16 total) family members. it was a crazy week. we spent 5 days down there... the first day we took a detour from the pack and stopped off to see my family in the beautiful city of mt. dora... then we spent the next four days at disney. we went to 4 parks in 4 days... i do not recommend this unless you have feet of steel and an unhumanly high tolerance to the sun. although we both feel like we need a vacation from our vacation, we had a good time, and it was awesome seeing our family for a week... one of the great things is that they now have little huts selling mcdonalds at all the disney parks.... so for all of you mickey ds lovers out there, it really has become the happiest place on earth.

more to come