Curious Gorge

Wellll.... I was going to wait until some friends sent me some pics from the gorge (creation west) to post a blog about it, but i feel like if i dont get blogging, i will just forget to post about it at all. Well, the trip was long (3 days for 1 show) but it was worth it. I know ive said it before, but the gorge really is one of the most beautiful places in the US. If you have never been, check the upcoming shows and make a trip out of it. you will not be dissapointed. The day was rad, i hung out at the PRS booth a lot during the day and met a lot of really cool people. It was cool to see some friends in some of the other bands that played, like jonathan from hawk nelson, and all the jars of clay guys. The show was rad and we all had so much fun playing it. Thanks to everyone that came out and said hey, and thanks to Mel for the gift bag.... She is awesome. alright, til next time.


PS, i was going to post some pics that ethan sent me, but i realized that he posted them on his blog, so just check them out there. theres some real good ones.