im not a girl, not yet a woman... errrr something like that.

after only about 15 years of begging my father has finally bequeathed me his highschool graduation present, which is a gibson b-25 from the mid 60s. his father gave it to him, and he had it for exactly 40 years, and now my only instructions are to give it to my son in about 40 more. i hope hes not left handed, that will throw everything off. anyways, i went out today and bought a new case for it to preserve the original one, as well as to protect it a little better. i know what youre thinking, finally a blog thats about guitars and not PRS... well, if they made PRSs 40 years ago, id be talking about them too. anyways, thanks for the guitar, i have been playing it non stop. i hope i can write a cool song about a boy and a truck who lives in some state and grows up to be something special and meets someone who does something cool that makes him want to write a song about something he saw on tv the other day. amen.

peace, love, and inheritance...